Author: Barry Wilson

What Do You Really Know About the CAQ? Highs and Lows For Montreal and The Graduates.

It was Napoleon who said that “in politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”
I am still getting indigestion from the CAQ’s odious idea to expel newcomers who aren’t up to snuff on everything Quebecois after being here for a few years. It’s a long way to election day but the trends are favouring the CAQ.The election website Qc 125, gives the Legaultists a razor thin majority.

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Deja-Vu at City Hall? Prescription for Health Care. And When Sorry Matters

Sometimes I really do think I’ve seen this movie before.  Remember “GroundHog Day”
That’s how I am beginning to feel about our new “élus” at City Hall.
Unilateral decisions without consultation.   My way or the highway.   Its pretty much what sank Denis Coderre.
And I am not sure that the Projet Montreal folks have learned anything.

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The English Debate, The End of the Bloc, and Honouring Tony Proudfoot

As John Lennon might say “ No one told me there would be days like, these strange days indeed”.  Because I looked out my window and actually saw a flying pig. There will be , if all goes well,  an English leaders debate for the October 1st election. Everyone has a horse in this race for the hearts of non-francophone voters.

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English “Patience”, The Boys of Summer?, And City Hall Sandman

As a friend of mine might say “they are nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs”.   The Quebec Liberals are on pins and needles over the English speaking vote.   It can be crucial in some ridings.   And the premier even admitted they screwed up in the beginning.  Mr Couillard said “it was a strongly held belief in the community that these issues were not listened to enough”

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