Author: Barry Wilson

The Campaign Begins and Where It Will End Nobody Knows

Ok, when I first laid eyes on the quasi-psychedelic PQ’s campaign bus, I couldn’t believe it.   It’s a thing of thing of beauty.   And took me back to 1967 and the Beatles and Magical Mystery Tour   
Yes, this election will be a magical mystery tour.   Full of gaffes, blunders, accusations,  rhetoric  and certainly blue meanies.  Sorry I know that was another movie.
Well folks, it’s election season in Quebec and we are back to help you keep track of whats going on and the occasional  idiocies from this years crop of candidates.

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Suffer the Children in Trump’s America, Language Talking Points, and Canada’s Pot Plan

Sometimes when you think all hope is lost in America there is a reminder that it can be a decent place. It was a tide of moral outrage that made Trump back down on family separations.  It was even too much for his cowardly Republicans and his chorus of sycophants. Trump only acted because he had no choice. 

Trump biographer Michael D’Antonio said this on CNN

“When he is backed into a corner, he’s not going to accept or confess he did anything wrong. He’s always going to blame somebody else”

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The Neighbourhood Bully

There was a time not so very long ago when the United States was our BFF.There was a time when honour and decency were the hallmarks of our relationship. There was a time when there was respect and a way to find solutions. This is what President John F Kennedy told Parliament in 1961.

“What unites us is far greater than what divides us.  The issues and irritants that affect all neighbours are small in comparison with the issues we face together”

From the words of a statesman to the garbage talk of a bully.  Donald Trump threatened Canadians after hearing Prime Minister Trudeau’s closing news conference at the G-7.

“He assumed I was in an airplane and wasn’t watching.  He learned that is going to cost a lot of money to the people of Canada”

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The Winds of Change, Giving Women a Fair Deal, and No Joy in Mudville

Is it Trump North?  It sure has some remarkable similarities.   A populist base harbouring grievances  electing a clearly unqualified candidate.
Doug Ford rode a wave of voter discontent and anti-liberal elitism to a majority government. What’s next?  There seems to be little in clear public policy promised except a buck a beer.  Like Trump, Ford could prove to be a great disrupter.   Clearly the man has no idea what he is doing.  But the anti urbanites wanted change and change is what they will get.  And is Quebec next?   The times are they a changin?

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Coderre’s Electric Shock, Legault’s Liberation, Desperate for an MD, and Trading Lies

E is for Excess.   And we found out this week just how excessive the imperial court of Denis Coderre could be. It was of course about the infamous E-race. Now anyone who took a close look at this knew from the get go, it was going to be a disaster.A new report from Montreal’s inspector-general finds that Coderre ignored all the rules, ignored city lawyers and ignored common sense. The E-race was a symptom of a much broader problem of arrogance.The initial missteps of the Plante administration had people talking about a return of Coderre next election.But somehow I think this report will confirm voters beliefs that the self serving conceit of the previous administration was not what they want for their city.E is indeed for excessE is also for Ex.   Which is exactly where Coderre finds himself.  For now and likely for the future.

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