Author: Barry Wilson

A Shameful Situation at a Montreal School, The Consequences of Bill 21, More Cash for the Big O and Are We Alone?

I worked in the news business long enough to realize that nothing much surprises me anymore.
I have to admit that Trump surprised me, but in retrospect, the writing was clearly on the wall.
But there are still things that anger me. And this week I got angry.

Radio Canada reported that a Montreal school has been placing agitated autistic children in closets.  The education minister rightly went after the Ecole de l’Etincelle in Mile End saying that the school “tolerated the intolerable”.  The school’s speciality is teaching autistic children.

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A Letter from the United Nations that Legault Did Not Want, and Yes to Our School Boards

Let’s begin with a little look back.
A quarter century ago,  an unassuming funeral director from tiny  Huntingdon, Quebec , named Gordon McIntyre said he got ‘really mad ” when language police ordered him to remove his “Funeral Home” sign and replace it will “Salon Funeraire”.

McIntyre and two other Quebec businessmen said they had enough and filed a complaint to a United Nations committee. 

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Not a “Sou” for Canada Day, Targeting English Schools, Salut Luc and the Science Guy’s Climate Meltdown

As a reporter, I covered Jacques Parizeau for years.  The former premier was many things, but for the most part you always knew what you were getting.Way back in 1995 when he said a yes vote would mean Quebecers were like lobsters in a trap.   No way out.  He was honest about things.  Like them or not.Which brings us to the Francois Legault and the CAQ.Wolves in sheep’s clothing? Or as Churchill might say sheep in sheep’s clothing.

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