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Is a Law a Law When It Cannot Be Enforced? Trudeau’s Mess Gets Messier, and the Downward Slide Continues in the USA

I suppose it gives a whole new meaning to the term “fashion police”The “not ready for prime time “CAQ says police, yes, police will be called if someone in the public service does not adhere to the silly law banning religious symbols.   Can you imagine?    Calling 911 over a hijab or kippa or cross.   Quebec is already somewhat the laughing stock.  This would just make it worse.   Much worseThe rookie deputy premier Genevieve Guilbault told reporters she would call in the cops.

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Quebec’s Obsession with Identity

The curse of the Canadian constitution is the notwithstanding clause.It allows provinces to override rights to further their own political agendas.As English-speaking Quebecers we have a painful history with the clause.Back in 1988, the Quebec government used it to override a Supreme Court decision on bilingual signs.

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Shop ‘Til You Drop: A Week of Budgets, An Icon Comes Down, Montreal Goes After Cars Again, and Would Someone Please Show Bernier the Door.

If you are a politician, it’s always good to spend someone else’s money and pretend it’s from you.The CAQ inherited a pretty impressive balance sheet from the provincial Liberals.And the Caquistes are on a spending spree.Yes there will be more money for health care and education.   But I am not sure I saw anything in the budget that will get ER wait times down to 90 minutes as promised by then candidate Francois Legault.

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The Fading Days of the PQ, Canada’s Late Call on the 737, SNC Takes its Toll, and Scrapping the Time Change

The PQ is on life support and I think I heard someone call for a priest.When the youngest member of your caucus throws in the towel and says the PQ is not worth saving, the end times are nigh.Desperate times call for desperate measures.  The party, which is now down to 4th place in the legislature ,is even thinking of a name change. 

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What a fine mess this has become.It wasn’t too long ago that it seemed not much could stand in the way between the Liberals and another majority come October.But things change and many Canadians now are having second thoughts about Justin Trudeau’s ability to lead.It seems the Liberals are fine with anyone’s independent decision as long as they agree with it.  This is what his former principal secretary had to say this week at a parliamentary committee hearing.

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