Author: Barry Wilson

A Year of Living Dangerously, Singh’s Quiet Courage, and “Bye the Boards”

It was a year ago this week that Quebec voters sent the Liberals to the woodshed and the PQ into irrelevance.
And the Legault Caquistes have never been more popular.  
But that won’t last. Voters don’t stay in love forever.
Look at what happened in Ottawa.
The Trudeau Liberals had a heck of a honeymoon but now they are struggling to hang on to power.
Their wounds have been entirely self-inflicted and my guess is that the Caquistes will go down the same road.

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The Language Dogs Are Let Loose, The Iffy Game of Electoral Reform, Candid Camera for the Greens and His Time is Up

Here is something you may not know.
Why is the Cote-des-Neiges -NDG borough, the biggest in the City of Montreal?
Why were two very different neighbourhoods forced into a marriage that probably neither wanted?
The borough has, according to Stats Can, 166, 520 residents.
Nothing really comes close.
So why do we have this huge city within a city?

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Legault’s Goes Shopping for New Powers, Bill 21 Cowardice, and Should Canadians Forgive?

Premier Francois Legault reminds of the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield
“That’s the story of my life.  No respect.  I don’t get no respect”
It sure sounds that way as the CAQ leader is now demanding more respect from Canada.
We’ve been down this road so many times before, most recently with the failed Meech Lake Constitutional Accord, the failed Charlottetown Accord, and the Quebec Liberal’s  Allaire report with its silly wish list for 22 new powers for Quebec.

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