Author: Barry Wilson

Not a “Sou” for Canada Day, Targeting English Schools, Salut Luc and the Science Guy’s Climate Meltdown

As a reporter, I covered Jacques Parizeau for years.  The former premier was many things, but for the most part you always knew what you were getting.Way back in 1995 when he said a yes vote would mean Quebecers were like lobsters in a trap.   No way out.  He was honest about things.  Like them or not.Which brings us to the Francois Legault and the CAQ.Wolves in sheep’s clothing? Or as Churchill might say sheep in sheep’s clothing.

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A Flood of Kindness, Ain’t No Sunshine for the PM, and Lies and More Lies

Your hearts have to go out for the flood victims once again.  It’s been an awful time.   The stellar work of the volunteers redeems one’s faith in humanity.  The City of Montreal and the CAQ government , to be fair , have been doing a competent job.  They are doing their best.  As are members of the armed forces.As I said, your hearts have to go out to the victims.  Your heads have to go somewhere else.Why year after year does this happen sometimes in catastrophe?

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