Author: Barry Wilson

Not Taking No for an Answer, A Mountain for All, A Very Merry Christmas!

Do you hear what I hear?
What I hear is someone not listening.
Our new CAQ government seems hell bent on abolishing elected school boards  and replacing them with appointed service centres.   Each with its own Tims I’m sure.  The education minister, Jean-Francois Roberge says the government will move  ahead because and there is no room for interpretation in the law. 

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The Politics of Minority Rights and Adieu to A Good Man

I’m not sure if Ontario premier Doug Ford either just doesn’t get it or he does get it and he just doesn’t give a damn.
His decision to abolish the office of the French language commissioner  and not to proceed with a new French-language university shows a fundamental lack of understanding about Canada.
The Toronto Star is quite right in calling the move a slap in the face to Ontario francophones.

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