Author: Barry Wilson

The Politics of Minority Rights and Adieu to A Good Man

I’m not sure if Ontario premier Doug Ford either just doesn’t get it or he does get it and he just doesn’t give a damn.
His decision to abolish the office of the French language commissioner  and not to proceed with a new French-language university shows a fundamental lack of understanding about Canada.
The Toronto Star is quite right in calling the move a slap in the face to Ontario francophones.

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Running on Empty, Giving McGill A Bad Name, and Orwell’s Warning

I take Montreal public transit on a pretty regular basis.   And you know something when it works, it’s great.   But when the gremlins get into the metro system or buses break down, not so much.
Now the STM wants to know what you think.   It’s launched a big consultation process on bus routes ; trying to fix what’s broken and keep what’s good.
Now that being said, I think the first thing they need to do  is to put some gas gauges in the buses.

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