Author: Barry Wilson

The War Against Anglos and Promises to Keep

In my humble opinion, the CAQ should change its name ever so slightly to the CRAC.
Because they are high on something and they are always looking for the their next fix of minority baiting.
Their agenda is clearly anti-english and anti—immigrant.
I wouldn’t be surprised to see some CAQ hats saying Make Quebec White and French Again.

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The Mayor Gets Spooked, Higher and Higher, Finally a Good Idea from the CAQ and Same Old Song on Health Care

We all know that the folks at Projet Montreal have a sense of moral superiority and they really do think they know what is best for everyone.  And they don’t like to listen.
The decision of la Mairesse of Montreal to postpone Halloween is just dumb and she is over reaching.
Kids have trick or treated in bad weather for as long as I can remember.   That’s part of it.
And at the end of the day, it’s the parents who will make the decision on whether their little goblins will go out.  Certainly not the mayor.

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By the Numbers: Canada’s Election Math, More Disunity and Why Our Roads Are Awful

Now you know the truth.
The real reason that Justin Trudeau backed off on his key election promise from 2014.
The promise was to shake up the way we vote by changing our electoral system to get rid of “first past the post”: a system that worked fine when there were only two parties in Canada.
He did the math and realized that changing it to a more proportional and democratic system could mean trouble for Canada’s natural governing party, as the Liberals like to call themselves.

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The CAQ’s Stupid Language Crusade, Yes Virginia: There is a Problem in Our Police Force and A Juvenile Election Campaign

Enough. Enough.
I have had it with the language hawks who are doing their very best to make this into an entirely francophone city.
They are zealots who try to deny our existence and our right to live in peace in a place we were instrumental in building.
The recent “Bonjour-Hi” blowup again gives me pause to reflect on “why the hell do I stay?”
You might say, “oh but the premier said forcing people to speak French in private conversations won’t happen.”

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