Author: Barry Wilson

The Devil You Say?

It was like feeding time at the zoo.
If you haven’t been following our latest language tussles , then you are probably with the vast majority of Quebecers.   But it is worth pointing out that the language wolf is always at the door.
On French TV, we were called crybabies and pampered and spoiled.  We are told we should happy because we have so much, like hospitals and universities – ones we built i might add.

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We’re BACK!

Now, where were we before we were so “rudely” interrupted? We have a lot to talk about. With a Quebec election inching closer by the day, the Liberals are getting a little antsy. The CAQ is leading in the polls, despite a Quebec economy that is on fire.
Premier Couillard will face an uphill battle.  Like everyone else he knows that its almost impossible to fight a desire for change.

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