Author: Barry Wilson

Arrogance, The gloves are off and 3 pictures

It wasn’t too many years ago that Canadians got sick and tired of the arrogance of the federal Liberals.  And now it seems maybe its just part of their DNA and it’s bubbling back to the surface. Witness what happened on CTV Question Period when Evan Solomon held Environment minister Catherine McKenna to account over climate change policy.  She said “I have no time for folks who are like, you know, ‘We shouldn’t take action,'” I don’t have time for politicians that play cynical games about climate action.”   But Madame Minister you have the duty to hear out everyone even the ones you do not agree with.  It is obvious to me that man-made climate change is a clear and present danger but that’s not the point.   In many ways the Liberals sunny ways of doing business sometimes is meant to include only those of a like mind.And my guess is that Canadians are on to it.

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The thing about budgets and so called “goodies” they hand out, is that too often what is forgotten is that this is our money to begin with. Yes, the Liberals are going all in with this pre-election ploy. But they are trying to bribe us with our own cash.  Governments cut and tax and then when elections roll around they open the vaults. Betting the house that what they call their sound fiscal management will carry them to victory is naive.  The thing is it won’t matter a tinkers cuss when we vote in October.  Memories are short.  And the Liberals have a whole lot more to worry about when the autumn leaves start to fall.

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Here we go again I am afraid. As we edge closer to the October 1st election, the baying of the ethnic nationalists in Quebec will only grow louder. Identity politics is ugly.  We’ve been down this road before with the PQ’s Charter of Values. It smacks of nativism.

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Well we may finally see some common sense from the new folks at city hall. But we will see have to wait and see if we are just being played. Project Montreal did a flip flop which may turn into a belly flop over the closing -or better put- the amputation of the road over our mountain.

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Street Smarts ?

If you compare Montreal to many North America cities, one thing always stands out.
We have a fabulous downtown.   It is alive and vital.  And Sainte-Catherine street is our crown jewel.  But I wonder if the new administration at City Hall is putting political ideology  ahead of of what is truly in the best interests of all Montrealers.
The idea to turn Ste Catherine into a one lane street is the dumbest idea I have heard since the one to close the road over the mountain.  But more on that later.

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