Well, it seems half the world is in a tizzy about the Royals, or ex-Royals.

The Queen didn’t take long in giving them a jolly old heave-ho.

I mean, like pregnancy or Brexit, it’s pretty much all or nothing.  Being a part time Royal of convenience was pretty much a non-starter.

It is also curious and perhaps telling that the Queen seemed to take all of this more seriously than the allegations of child rape against Prince Andrew.

Frankly though I suspect most Canadians frankly don’t give a damn about Harry and Meghan. 

However, there are a couple items worthy of consideration

It’s nice they want to settle here in Canada.     But that being said, I don’t think we should be caught with the bill for security for the Sussexes.  Really, it’s not our concern. A recent poll found that 73% of Canadians don’t want Canada to cover any costs for the couple.

Secondly, maybe this is a good a time as any to rethink our position on the monarchy considering the succession which eventually will happen.

I can understand that in the UK it’s great for tourism.  And the “Firm” as the Royal Family is called,  is good for business. And make for fabulous tv and movies.  But shouldn’t we be mature enough enough to say goodbye and become a truly modern state.?

Most Canadians these days are indifferent to the monarchy.

We have come a long way from the days of God, King and Country.  The history and the institutions will always be there.

It is indeed time we grow up. 

A National Party?

The federal Tories are picking a new leader to replace the disastrous Andrew Scheer.

Will they make another mistake?

Hard to believe it when some say the new leader doesn’t have to be bilingual.

Really?   I mean I could make an argument on whether the Habs need a bilingual coach or GM, but this is someone who wants to run the country.

And you cannot be deaf to 25 percent of the population.  It’s just the way it is.   

And now Jean Charest has  because he felt the rules were stacked against him,  Charest made the right choice because the Conservatives are not the same party that he left years ago.

A party which for many,  hasn’t moved on from Stephen Harper and just might go with an Andrew Scheer 2.0.  and a party which would likely see the same fate.

Like Oil and Water

A new report out this week shows that more than Quebecers are driving gas guzzling SUV’s. It was another record year for oil consumption in Quebec.

And this is the same province which is so vehemently opposed to an Alberta pipeline coming through with Canadian oil.  I suppose even after Lac Megantic,  rail tankers are more acceptable.  Or buying oil from foreign powers while Alberta funds your daycare and other social programs.

It is hypocrisy.  You can’t have it both ways.  Or maybe you can.

Keeping it Canadian

Hard to believe but the PM buying donuts from a local store in Winnipeg this week caused a bit of a twitter storm.   There was indignation that he didn’t go  to Tims which some people consider an iconic Canadian brand    Well two things here.   Tims’ donuts just aren’t what they used to be.  But more importantly, Tim Hortons is not a Canadian company, it’s Brazilian.   And I think supporting a local business is more important than one that is locking out its workers over 10 cents an hour.

Social media can be a nasty nasty place as Amanda Kinden of’ Oh Doughnuts’  found out this week.   

But good for her because all of this is great for her business.

Dollars to donuts.