Man it’s a tough one because usually anything that comes out from Trump’s mouth is a lie.  The Pinocchio president. 

But calling our prime minister two-faced just might strike a chord with many Canadians.   Calling him black-faced certainly did.

Voters put Trudeau on probation in the election.   A short leash.   And maybe they should have insisted he not be allowed to leave the country.  

There was the Mr Dressup India trip of course.

And before that , the Caribbean vacation with his BFF the Aga Kahn which the ethics commissioner found Trudeau guilty of violating conflict of interest rules.

Mounting Bills

This week by the way, the we found out the Mounties still had not paid a bill from that trip that cost Canadians almost a quarter of a million dollars

CBC News revealed that the RCMP still owed the managers of the Aga Khan’s island more than $56,000 for accommodations, meals and jet ski rentals.   Jet ski rentals?

Gossip Boys

Anyway back to the NATO meetings.

On one hand, the hot mic episode shows world leaders think Trump is a joke.

On the other hand, it’s not always a good idea to poke the bear,  particularly the crazy ones.

Although, the Trump sycophants can turn anything into a leadership moment.

Here’s what one of the bright lights at Fox News said

“What’s next? Are they going to bring out the burn book for mean girls? We’re totally not inviting him to the next sorority mixer.  Of my goodness, they’re just mad because Trump dominated .  They just sit like potted plants”

I guess the one thing that was obvious is that our leaders are just ordinary people who like to gossip like everyone else.  Sometimes at their great peril.  

Scheer’s Folly

Did you hear that?   The sound of one hand clapping during Andrew Scheer’s “we got more seats than last time” victory tour across the country.

Everyone, except Mr Scheer probably, realizes that his time is up.

He is simply not electable in urban Canada.

Most Canadians have moved on from positions that Scheer holds close to this heart.

The Tories might have a decent shot at power when this minority Parliament folds, but not with this guy.

Miles to Go

Closer to home the Quebec Liberals this week fell further into the abyss by losing a by-election in Quebec City; a riding which was a traditional Liberal stronghold.

What does it mean?   Nothing and everything. 

Nothing because it’s only a by-election and these things rarely matter.

Everything because the Liberals now do not hold a seat east of Montreal.  

They will elect a new leader next year and she or he should get used to the opposition leaders’ chair.  

A year in and the CAQ is as popular as ever.  And the Leger survey has them at 46% support with Francophones who make up the majority in 100 of the 125 ridings.

A tall hill to climb.   But things never stay the same.  The Liberals can best comfort themselves with “on ne sait jamais”, You never know

Finally, one of the first things you learn in broadcasting, radio and tv, is never to assume a microphone is off.  Always assume they are on and always assume whatever you say can get picked up.

The Open Mic when the World Held Its Breath

Ronald Reagan learned that lesson back in 1984   when he thought he was just doing a mic check.  He didn’t know he was live when he said:

“I signed legislation that will outlaw Russia forever, we begin bombing in 5 minutes”

And that led to the Soviets going on a red alert for war.

Always assume the mic is hot and that’s a lesson

this week for our Trudeau and the  NATO leaders.

Indeed “on ne sait jamais”. You never know.