I tried this week to get my H.A. card.  Historic Anglo that is.

I know it comes with discounts to La Ronde, the Village de Pere Noel and the Zoo de St-Felicien.  

I trudged through the snow carrying my report cards from the PSBGM.   I didn’t bring grade 9 because honestly that year I bombed in French.

Now the agent at the Centre de Verification des Anglos Historiques was pleasant enough and I thought I was a shoe-in.  

Until he saw my birthplace.   Not from here.

Apparently being born in Cape Breton raised a red flag.  And not the Maple Leaf.  He would get back to me pending consultation with the Centre’s Politiburo chaired by the idiot pit bull of the Legault government, Simon-Jolin Barrette.

The Inept Minister

My request may take a while because Mr Jolin-Barrette is in a bit of a pickle these days.

His immigration reform was a total mess and he had to back down.

The CAQ was forced to cancel its so called reforms of the program that serves as a faster way for international students and foreign workers to get their papers to stay here.   But the CAQ just doesn’t like immigrants very much unless they come from France or Belgium.  

So back to the drawing board.   The inexperience of the CAQ is showing. 

Jolin-Barrette is the same guy who brought you Bill 21.  

He is also the guy who actually considered banning the use of Bonjour-Hi in stores.   He thought it would be a good idea to legislate the private conversations in private businesses.

He is also the guy who left documents in his car only to have them stolen.  

Legault has given his pit bull a long leash.   Time to shorten it.

I am sure he would do well in a lesser role, maybe Junior Minister of Mines or Minister of Silly Walks.

Where is the Opposition?

The problem is the opposition parties are a mess.   Quebec Solidaire’s  biggest concern these days is whether MNA Catherine Dorion should wear a hoodie to the National Assembly Blue Room.   The answer by the way is no. 

 The PQ is so lost, it is actually is considering a name change.  Any takers?  I suggest “The Party’s Over”.

And the Liberals, well they don’t have a leader and are in danger of becoming a Montreal regional party.

However some encouraging news this week.  

There might actually be a race for the Liberal leadership.

The Mayor of Drummondville and head of the powerful Quebec Union of Municipalities recently bought a Liberal membership card fuelling speculation that he might run.   A candidate from the regions  like Alexandre Cusson could actually make the Liberals relevant again.

Because after 4 years of the CAQ, we will desperately need saving.  If there any non-francophones left.

An Early Warning

Interestingly enough, Radio Canada this week dug up an old interview with the late Bernard Landry from 2012.

It was brutal with Landry slamming Legault as unprincipled power-hungry upstart who put personal ambition ahead of the the “national interest”.

Ouch.  Sound like any one else you might have heard of ?   Hint.  Orange hair and impeachment are the only clues I will give.

Dinosaurs and Dummies

Finally this week.   As Bob Dylan once wrote “your old road is rapidly fading”

Exhibit number 1.  Don Cherry should have been fired years ago.   CBC and Hockey Night in Canada enabled this racist neanderthal to spew his garbage for far too long.  

And where did Cherry turn to first to  talk about his firing.?

Fox News and the rather unbalanced Tucker Carlson.  Here was Carlson’s take those who don’t agree with Cherry.

“They’re not sensitive.  They’re fascist.  They have no real feelings.  They’re faking their outrage” 

Face it,  Cherry is just a grumpy old man.

The NHL has tolerated him for far too long and it has to change.  Its audience is 94 percent white and 64% of the fans are over 35.   And viewership is falling.  Im not saying that basketball will ever take over hockey in this country but what we saw last spring with the Raptors gave us a glimpse of the future.  We proudly saw Canadian diversity at its finest.

Cherry and his enablers are from another time.  Another place.  A less kind and less tolerant place.  Good riddance.

Exhibit 2.

You may find this hard to believe it, but it’s true.  

Michel Lemay, the mayor of St Barnabe near Trois-Rivieres this week said that 3 councillors who decided to change their minds over a snow clearing contract did so because they may have been on their periods 

Really there are no words.

He will be thrown into the dustbins of history like Cherry

I seriously doubt that the second term mayor will see a third.

I’m not 100 percent sure if I will ever qualify to be an Historic Anglo.

But I do know idiots when I see them, here there and everywhere.