In my humble opinion, the CAQ should change its name ever so slightly to the CRAC.

Because they are high on something and they are always looking for the their next fix of minority baiting.

Their agenda is clearly anti-english and anti—immigrant.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see some CAQ hats saying Make Quebec White and French Again.

And it seems  little thought goes into their legislation.   It’s like over a beer, Legault and his language and immigration and education ministers map out their next step to encourage “les autres “ to flee Quebec.

You must never forget that this is the same Francois Legault who once as a pequiste told a West Island political meeting that he hated anglos.   Plus ca change.

Now that he is in power, he is doing his level best to make us feel uneasy.

Remember he is a francophone from the West Island from a certain era when the English and French would actually fight in the streets. His memories are long  and his  anger runs deep.

En Francais SVP

This week the CAQ announced that only Anglos who went to School here in English would have the right to be served in English.

There would be two categories of bloke.

The “historic” anglo or the “newcomer” anglo.

Now I attended schools of the erstwhile PSBGM. That would give me historic credentials.

How would it work?

Secret passcodes, government issued ids, special codes on our opus cards or drivers licences.  And as our numbers fall, we could become oddities, tourist attractions.  

“Regardez les anglos historiques .”  Look but don’t feed them. 

It’s a totally dumb and mean idea which would never pass the constitutional muster.

Historical no?

Hysterical yes.


Now these bunch of total amateurs  first stole English schools without consultation,  brought in legislation to destroy school boards, and then this week put our largest school board under trusteeship

I am not saying that the EMSB is perfect.   It’s been a bit of a snake pit for as long as I can remember even while being the best performing public board in province.  And yes, where there is smoke, there is fire 

What I am saying is that I don’t believe in coincidence.

And this trusteeship grab just happened to coincide with the board  launching legal action against the constitutionality of  Bill 21.

Just connect the dots.

In So Many Words

Bonjour-Hi is just the tip of the iceberg with these people.  

It will get worse.

But what won’t get better is something that really matters.

You see language, culture and immigration are just a big smokescreens

The Sick List

Do you remember the CAQ election promise about fixing the emergency rooms ?  Short wait times, better service .

Legault proudly promised, a maximum 90 minute wait to see a doctor. Do you remember the CAQ election attack ad claiming prisoners get better health care than ordinary citizens?

Well this week , the Journal de Montreal did some digging on the CAQ’s healthcare record.

In the year of CAQ, wait times in ER’s have  actually increased by an hour and 22 minutes.

And with the flu season coming, doctors are worried.

Here are the average wait times in some regions, these are health ministry numbers 

In the Monteregie, it’s  18 hour and 7 minutes

Montreal, the wait is 16 hours and 15 minutes and in

Laval, it’s 15 hours and 57 minutes.

And to see a psychiatrist in Quebec , the average wait time is 44 hours.

While Quebecers are dying for better health care, this government which promised better is consummated with identity and dog whistle politics.

Le patient est malade Monsieur Legault.


A Disgrace

Your government spends more time on trying to scare people away than to heal them.  Forget about your dress code, your values test, your language purity.  Your push to rid Quebec of anything different.   Your search for imaginary problems.   

It’s a disgrace.

In any language.

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And please on this November 11th, take time to remember.  We owe them everything.