Now you know the truth.

The real reason that Justin Trudeau backed off on his key election promise from 2014.

The promise was to shake up the way we vote by changing our electoral system to get rid of “first past the post”: a system that worked fine when there were only two parties in Canada.

He did the math and realized that changing it to a more proportional and democratic system could mean trouble for Canada’s natural governing party, as the Liberals like to call themselves.

Yep, the numbers didn’t add up so that commitment was just tossed aside.  After all, if it doesn’t work in their favour why do it?

So much from principled politics.

Trudeau’s New Math

Let’s look at the numbers from Monday’s vote.

Keep these in mind.


That’s the percentage of Liberal votes


Thats the percentage of Conservative votes


Thats the percentage of votes cast against the Liberals.


That’s the percentage of Canadians who actually voted.

So with only a third of the vote,  from two thirds of eligible voters, Trudeau gets to form another government.  That is the lowest number ever.    Ever.

Winners and Losers

Except for the Bloc it was a night for losers.   Trudeau lost his majority, Scheer lost Quebec and could not break through in Ontario, and Singh lost his shirt.

Although the NDP leader was the happiest of the bunch. It’s called balance of power and right now and until they can’t play together anymore, Singh and his Dippers will punch well above their weight.

Trudeau promises that everyone needs to work together.  

He has no choice.  Was he somewhat humbled?   Hard to say but he did offer this.

“I think Canadians sent a clear message that they expect their leaders to work together on the big issues that matter to them”

But while Canadians didn’t fire him.   His job review didn’t go well.  And it remains to be seen if the new Trudeau is just lipstick on that proverbial pig.

Western Anger

Many in the west say they now feel more alienated than ever and there is growing talk of separation .

Yep, separation makes perfect sense for a landlocked province like Alberta.

We have been there before.  The first Trudeau prime minister, Pierre, brought in a policy called the National Energy Program in 1980 which gave Ottawa more control and taxation over the oil industry.  If you think the west is angry now, back then it was livid.

We survived.   And we will survive again once all the election hysteria dies now and life gets back to normal.

We also survived 2 referendums.   And now  the Bloc is back.   Don’t mistake that for any surge in support for separation.    But with the full backing of the CAQ, Quebecers were given another chance to flex their muscle however misguided that might be.

And it will make Francois Legault ever more determined than ever suck all those additional powers from Ottawa.   Expect a lot of Quebec-Ottawa head butting.

Yes Virginia, the nation is divided.   Regionalism rears its head in every debate.  “What about me ?”, is echoed from sea to sea.   Who can yell the loudest?  Competing interests, competing visions.

I have always maintained that Canada is a solution in search of a problem.

Despite everything, I still believe that we are the solution. However messy that might be

A Plea For More Civility

Let us hope that next time Canadian politics do not take another  page from the Americans and their scorched earth approach to power.

Can we please get back to a civilized debate on the issues that matter most to Canadians and try to avoid nastiness ?  

Road to Recovery?

And finally this week,  just moving away from politics to something else we just shake our heads at.


We all know that the highways are so much better south, east and west of Quebec. 

And we are pretty sure that the climate doesn’t become dramatically worse at the Quebec border.

So this week the  Ministry of Transport announced it  has hired a company to actually study why our asphalt sucks so much.

We all have our suspicions about the planned obsolescence of  Quebec roads, the brown envelopes, the wink wink approach to road maintenance. 

At least now we should get some answers.  

Is it just neglect, bad work, bad asphalt?  

They say the step to recovery is recognizing there is a problem.  And unlike in our fractured politics, it’s something we can pretty much all agree on.  You know all about that road to hell and the all those intentions .