What’s that stink?

I am sure you smell it too.

And I am equally sure that it’s the stench of the worst and  most infantile  Canadian election campaign probably ever.

Has the ugliness of American political debate seeped northward ?

Has the Canadian sense of fair play and decency in fact “gone south?”

I remember when the hallmark our politics was respect.

Bygone Days

The leaders may not have liked each other very much but there was mutual respect. And even the attacks while often fatal were never personal

Sinking to New Lows

This was Andrew Scheer during the English debate

“Mr. Trudeau, you are a phoney and a fraud and you don’t deserve to govern this country”

Really?   Is this prime ministerial in the least?

Is this the schoolyard bully you want leading us?

The Liberals are not lily white in all of this nastiness either.

Trudeau admitted he has been, in his words, “sharp” with Scheer.

And Trudeau’s attack dog Gerald Butts has been let loose on the Tories.

You remember Butts, Trudeau’s chief briefcase carrier, who resigned when the SNC-Lavalin affair was exploding like a cluster bomb.

He has been relentless in underhanded and mean spirited attacks on social media.

Canadians are indeed hitting the bottom, if there is one.  Even Trudeau admitted this week that Canadians are more divided than ever.  He said in Fredricton this week.

  “We find ourselves in a more polarized more divisive election than the 2015 one”

The Minority Scenarios

Even in the unlikely scenario that the the Tories win marginally more seats, Scheer cannot govern a minority house.

God help him if he would try to prop himself up with the support of the Bloc.

The NDP would never support the Tories because of what Jagmeet Singh calls a “values abyss” between the two parties.

On the other hand, both Trudeau and Singh have indicated they could work together.

And maybe that’s exactly what we are going to get.

Hell, over the years, the Liberals have stolen the NDP’s best ideas and made them their own.

Back From the Dead

And the real surprise of this campaign has been the resurgence of the Bloc.

It has become the federal wing of the CAQ with the encouragement and benediction of Cardinal Legault.

More than anything the rise of the separatist Bloc will probably kill any chance of a majority government.

Once again, Quebec decides.  Plus ca change, plus c’est pareil. 

Us Against Them

I, for one, will be happy when this is over.

Have we really had a serious debate on the issues? I mean a serious conversation?

The political climate in Canada is plunging into a dark place.

The creeping polarization is unsettling.

And when the Prime Minister of this country is forced to wear a bullet proof vest to a Canadian political rally, then my friend we have truly gone off the rails.

But along with that polarization comes an increasing cynicism.

A recent poll from Ipsos and Global News finds 76% of Canadians think no matter who becomes Prime Minister, they will end up breaking their  campaign promises.  And when asked which leader they trust, fully a third say they don’t trust any of them.

Do we really get the leaders or government we deserve?

Or do we even get what we need?

In any event, in this “hold your nose election”, get out to vote.

Yep, it sure does stink.

But we are the only ones who can make it better.