I have had it with the language hawks who are doing their very best to make this into an entirely francophone city.

They are zealots who try to deny our existence and our right to live in peace in a place we were instrumental in building.

The recent “Bonjour-Hi” blowup again gives me pause to reflect on “why the hell do I stay?”

You might say, “oh but the premier said forcing people to speak French in private conversations won’t happen.”

The language minister floated the idea, and then got slammed, even by his allies in the French media.

But he will plow ahead with some kind of campaign that you will pay for.

A Really Dumb Idea

Of course forcing people to speak French in private conversations won’t happen. It simply could not.  Besides, even the language police acknowledge that in downtown Montreal, customers can be served in French 95% of the time.

Quebec’s language laws are the butt of jokes around the world.  We really are the “inspector state”.

The thing is that if the language is that important to you, then you don’t need social engineering to protect it.

The point is that some very influential people in this racist government thought it might be a good idea to legislate.

Given a choice between the PQ and the CAQ, I would take the PQ.

At least you know what you were dealing with.

The CAQistes are devious.  Their only allegiance to Canada is financial and they just want more and more.

They are language purists and de-facto separatists.

And the Liberals.   Forget it.  The language critic didn’t even denounce the idea.  She said they would study it.

The simple reality is Montreal is a bilingual city. 

And no amount of huffing and puffing from the linguistic pit bulls who demonize the presence of English will change that.  

It Is What It Is

A new poll from Leger Marketing  finds that 76.6 percent of all Quebecers and 81.6 percent of Montrealers agree that Montreal is a bilingual city.

And congratulations to Montreal chef Dave Plant who is opening a new cafe on St Denis Street.

It’s name, “ Cafe Bonjour-Hi”.

And that my friends is one of the things that makes Montreal great.  A little humble pie with your latte Mr Legault?

Reality Check for Montreal Cops

On the other hand, Montreal’s police department got a severe reprimand this week.   A study commissioned by the city found that SPVM officers target visible minorities.

It found the department engages in systemic discrimination against blacks, indigenous and Arab people.

In fact they are 4 to 5 times more likely than whites to be stopped by Montreal police.

The police chief Sylvain Caron said he was “very surprised” by the conclusions of the report.

Is this guy living in some sort of parallel universe?   We have known for years about the racial profiling carried out by Montreal police.  We have known for years that tens of  thousands of Montrealers are scared to death of their police department  At least he promised to do something about it.

As they say.  On verra.   We will see.  

The Road to a Minority House

Finally, the jello is beginning to set and it appears we will be headed for a minority house in this federal election.

And if that happens, we will get to do it all over again in a year or two.

Oh joy.  

Maybe next time they can discuss the real issues that matter to Canadians  and not pretend they are in a school yard fight.   I know you are but what am I?