Here is something you may not know.

Why is the Cote-des-Neiges -NDG borough, the biggest in the City of Montreal.?

Why were two very different neighbourhoods forced into a marriage that probably neither wanted?

The borough has, according to Stats Can, 166, 520 residents.

Nothing really comes close.  .

So why do we have this huge city within a city?


Like so much in Quebec, it boils down to language.

“Non” to a Bilingual Borough

Back in the day, when the PQ was dividing up the city into boroughs,  it came to the shocking realization that NDG as a stand  alone would qualify as a bilingual district.  And that just could not be allowed to happen. Heavens no !  The solution was to merge NDG with Cote-des-Neiges and therefore dilute the official anglo presence.

The borough has generally served its English speaking population in English in an unofficial capacity  but now the language police are sharpening their knives.

As CBC reported this week, the OQLF is cracking down.  It is ordering  NDG to take down English signage and other measures.  One of them includes a demand to rephrase answers in French in council meetings if the question has been asked in English.  Also bilingual business cards?   Interdit 

The borough mayor says she will comply with the order, but promises to maintain services in English.

Frig, can’t these language bullies find something else to do?

Mr Legault call off the dogs.

We live here too.  In peace , s’il-vous-plait 

Reform Referendum?

I will believe it when I see it.

But the CAQ government says it will proceed with electoral reform.

And it says it  will hold a referendum to get approval.

What it could mean is that under the proposed mixed proportional representation idea a third of the 125 seats would be allocated by popular vote. On Wednesday the premier said:

“I think its more complex than I expected honestly, what I’m telling Quebecers, I give them 3 years to understand the proposal”

3 years?

Do you think we need 3 years Mr Legault?  Franchement. Maybe you need 3 years to study if it will work for your party.

On the positive side,

It  might mean that minorities would get more clout in the National Assembly.

Anglo Clout?

Many Liberal seats, for example, are in huge ridings in Montreal.  That means votes in West Island are worth half as much as votes in other less populous ridings in the regions.  Perhaps it could mean the rebirth of a minority rights party.  There are times when I think we need a real voice.

But don’t hold your breath.

The referendum wouldn’t happen until 2022 meaning the next election would be held under the old “first past the post system”.

My guess is that Legault will keep an eye on the polls and will do the math.

Will it happen?   Maybe.

We had the same promise from Justin Trudeau.   

It was a cornerstone of the Liberal platform.

It was abandoned and forgotten.

He probably did the math too.

No wonder people are so skeptical of politicians and their promises.

A Really Dumb Cover-up

It’s not easy being green

Talk about hypocrisy.

The Green Party likes to pass itself off as a paragon of virtue.

Leader Elizabeth May got caught in a whopper this week with a photoshopped picture

The original shows her holding a disposable cup.

But the image was altered to show her using a reusable cup with a metal straw.

It’s really no big deal in itself.   But it is deceitful coming from a party and leader that tries to corner the market on political correctness.

And like in so many cases, it’s not the crime, it’s the cover up.

Indeed not easy being Green.

Or truthful.

Ukraine Gate

And some good news this week.

They may finally have something that will stick to Trump.  It was a bombshell indeed and it just be enough to remove him from office.  He used his office to enlist a foreign power to help him politically.  It’s not complicated.  The man’s treachery  has no limits.  Will the sycophants in the Republican Party finally say “enough”?   Democracy in the United States is truly on trial.