And they are off to the races.

It’s a sad state of affairs indeed when Canadians will elect who they think sucks the least.

Each of the major leaders carries around huge liabilities.  And each can polarize an increasingly insular electorate.

They say governments lose elections. Opposition does not win them.

The Trudeau Liberals have been doing a fine job of taking what should have been a slam dunk second term and turning it into an iffy proposition.

If the Right Honourable believed the SNC-Lavalin scandal would fade as fast as the summer’s warmth, he was wrong.

And on day one of the campaign, the Globe and Mail published a blockbuster story saying that the RCMP had been blocked in its investigation by the federal government.

And Trudeau’s reaction was like the kid who claimed the dog ate his homework

Not exactly a rip-roaring start.

On the plus side for the PM is the fact that the economy is relatively healthy despite federal deficits on steroids.

Not Trump

But moreover, he is the antithesis of the orange-headed misfit south of the border.  

For better or worse, Canadians like to smugly feel a certain sense of moral superiority when it comes to the train wreck happening in America.

Harper Redux?

And for the Conservative leader, he will need to convince voters he is not Trump light.  His views on abortion and LGBTQ rights are troubling to many Canadians.  His positions on climate change and immigration are welcome with many Canadians.

Many see Stephen Harper’s shadow when looking at Andrew Scheer.

The Struggles of Singh

The NDP leader has been struggling to find his footing.  And there is little to suggest he can turn it around before October 21.

The party poised to pick up support is the Greens.   Some voters wishing a “pox on all their houses” may be inclined to park their votes with the Greens.

My guess is that this will be a nasty affair with  plenty of demonizing to go around.  

Indeed, it will be about who sucks the least.

Steering Clear of 21

There is one issue you probably won’t hear much about during the campaign.  And that is Quebec’s abhorrent Bill 21.  

Premier Legault is warning the federal leaders to butt out.

But this should be an election issue.   This is not just a provincial issue.  It’s not a provincial issue when the Quebec government ignores the Canadian Charter to deny minority rights.  It’s a Canadian issue.  But none of the leaders wants to make it the issue it should be for  fear of losing votes in Quebec.

Language Again and Again

We’ve seen this before with the restriction of English linguistic rights in Quebec .

The CAQ is now is musing about reopening the language debate to put more teeth in Bill 101.

Legault has given the language  file to the minister who brought you Bill 21.

How many times do we need to go down this road?

We have a de facto separatist government in Quebec City.

It’s a government that cares about and plays only to a French speaking nationalist base.

Yes we will take your equalization but no you can’t have your pipeline.   That gets old.

And my guess is that eventually, the rest of Canada may get tired of extending its bedroom privileges.

In the meantime, get used to Quebec City flexing its nationalist muscle.  

And all minorities will continue pay the price.

Plus ca change….