Bienvenue au Quebec. The “nation” within a nation.

We tell you where to send your children to school.

We tell you how big your English signs can be, if they are allowed at all.

We tax and tax and tax.

And now we tell you how to dress.

Different Strokes?  Not in Quebec

Our latest nanny state law is mostly aimed at people who aren’t quite like the majority.

It is pretty much aimed at people who maybe weren’t born here and maybe are a little too brown.

After all the good folks of St Jean de Niaserie et Sept Douleurs must be protected from hordes of Muslim teachers and cops and judges and whatever.

Premier Legault said

“Its my responsibility to defend Quebec values in front of the rest of Canada”

You know this antidemocratic anti (small l) liberal, anti-Canadian law is much like Trump’s obsession with a wall.

So called solutions in search of problems.

There are no cops in Quebec who wear any form of religious garb.

But for the CAQ’s brand of conservative populism you would think that these folks who not ‘de chez nous’ are lurking everywhere waiting to seize positions of authority to subjugate poor Quebecois de pure laine.

Bill 21 is shameful.   It’s a dark time for Quebec.  History, I believe, will confirm that. 

It’s All About Montreal

The CAQ which won a total of 2 seats out of 27 on Montreal Island is obviously going after “la metropole” with Bill 21.

There has always been a great suspicion about Montreal in the regions.

When I lived in Quebec City, I am not  sure if I was a bigger curiosity because I was an anglo or if I was from the untrustworthy Montreal.

The response from our mayor is actually disappointing.    Valerie Plante, the great social-democrat, says she doesn’t like the law but will get into line.   Maybe she is still holding out hope for funding for her cherished Pink Line.   It’s like waiting for Godot. He never shows up.

It won’t happen.  Our first magistrate could do better.

The thing is,  the CAQ rammed this through the National Assembly by suspending the rules.  Now to be fair, opposition parties were shedding crocodile tears, because they have all done it themselves.

But it’s not over.  Not by a long shot.   There are court challenges already.  Even the United Nations may get involved. There will be protests and more protests. 

The Bill 21 saga is just beginning.   Quebec’s reputation, deservedly so, will get dragged through the mud for years.  

Legalizing Discrimination

Because at the end of the day, it’s not about who wears what.

It’s about creating two classes of citizens.

It is  about legalizing religious discrimination.  

Samer Majzoub of the Canadian Muslim Forumq told the Gazette this week,

“Even the minorities of the minorities in Quebec are being targeted by other Quebecers.  Whether we like it or not this is the establishment of hatred within a society”

Francois Legault may with at the top of the food chain. He is, after all, a wealthy white male of a certain age.   But increasingly he and his gang of CAQ ethnocentric nationalists are bottom feeders.

Trump and Legault

Like Trump, he plays to a base.

Trump was elected with fewer voters than his opponent

Legault was elected with the support of 37 % of Quebecers.  In other words, 63% of voted against him.

Yet both claim the divine right of kings.

Quebec I fear will become more and more unrecognizable under the CAQ.

Minority rights, as we have seen, are expendable.

That is something that should worry us all.

Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth.

Gandhi said that.

He knew of what he spoke.