It’s kind of like breaking up by text.

The education minister decided to let the world know about his intention of stealing more English schools this week by announcing it on a French radio program.

No guts.

No class.

No common decency

No respect for parents and students and the people who work at those schools.

Parent Carmelita D’Iglio told the Gazette this week:

“For me as a mother of 3,  We don’t know what we’re doing. He’s supposed to be graduating next year.  What are we supposed to do.   This kid has chronic dyslexia   we are trying to see what can be done”

But we should be getting used to it by now.

The Bothersome Relative

The CAQ government sees the English-speaking community as something of an annoyance.

Look , the fix was in right from the start.   No plan devised by the English Montreal School Board would have been good enough.

When you start taking schools away, you start destroying a community.

Local schools are the cornerstone of neighbourhood life for families.

But like other governments before have done it doesn’t really matter how stripping institutions affects minority non-francophone Quebecers.

The tyranny of the majority.

We’ve seen it so often.  Remember when we lost our hospitals.  Remember the Reddy Memorial  and the Queen Elizabeth Hospitals?

And now robbing us of our schools and our school boards It is just the beginning I fear.

Despite all the platitudes and milquetoast reassurances, this government doesn’t give a damn

Yes the fix was in.

And sadly it ain’t over.

We are constantly reminded that our legitimacy is questioned.

Speaking Volumes

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into a store, Bonjour-Hi is back.

The National Assembly once again unanimously  passed a resolution encouraging merchants to drop the “Hi”.

I repeat “unaminously” passed a PQ motion.    That includes most Liberal MNAs with large English speaking constituencies.

Some 96% of people say they can be served in French in Montreal.  Thats a number from the OQLF itself.

So what is the problem?

There is none.   Thats the thing.   We can expect this kind of language nonsense from the PQ and even the CAQ.  But to again have it supported by our own representatives is shameful and disgraceful.

These Liberals just don’t have the balls.  And the joke is on us.  Always is.

Not Listening Again

I wish the Projet Montreal folks would just sit down and realize that we are not a European city like Amsterdam.

We have terrible and long winters.  We have a public transit system that frankly is not up to the job.

We cannot ride bicycles all year round as much as Valerie Plante might want to make it so.

We can’t do all of our shopping on foot.

So for  Projet Montreal its become just an article of faith that cars are bad and bicycles are good.

It recently announced another 200 kilometres of bike paths.

The latest harebrained idea  comes in Verdun where the Projet Montreal borough council is getting rid of 275 parking spots on Verdun Street to make way for a bike path.  Hairdresser Eva Sabourin told CTV News,

“People that are disabled  older people that can’t walk for 1 or 2 or 3 blocks  How are they going to come see us What are they going to do They didn’t consult the merchants they didn’t consult the people living around”

That is what happens when ideology gets the best of common sense.

Sometimes common sense seems it’s in such short supply just about everywhere.

And I know we all deserve better than what we are getting .