I worked in the news business long enough to realize that nothing much surprises me anymore.

I have to admit that Trump surprised me, but in retrospect, the writing was clearly on the wall.

But there are still things that anger me.

And this week I got angry.

Radio Canada reported that a Montreal school has been placing agitated autistic children in closets.  

The education minister rightly went after the Ecole de l’Etincelle in Mile End saying that the school “tolerated the intolerable”.  The school’s speciality is teaching autistic children.

He’s right of course.  But really what were these people thinking and why would we trust them again?

The premier says the government never received a request from the school for more space.

And teachers had complained more than once to the school board.

Now the CSDM has committed to renovations.  The board chose to ignore a problem until it could do so no more.

Absolutely shameful.

Yeah some things still make me angry.

Bill 21 Fallout

Meantime, the CAQ government seems to be plowing ahead with Bill 21.

Hopefully they will come to their senses and not ram it through the National Assembly in a couple of weeks.

Why does Quebec need to be the only place in North America where the government tells people how to dress?  And defying our own constitution at the same time?

Last weekend, a man was arrested in Quebec City for shouting racist comments and assault.  It happened outside the same mosque where 6 worshippers were murdered in 2017.   A Bill 21 coincidence?

There are growing numbers of cases of harassment of Muslim in Quebec since Bill 21 was tabled.

This government was warned that the legislation will normalize racism and discrimination.

Clearly it is not listening.  Obviously by design.  Obviously by ideology.

Hitting the Roof

We may ignore vulnerable children in closets but it seems there is still lots of money to go around for the gift that keeps on giving.

The CAQ government confirmed this week that it will pay for a new roof for the Olympic Stadium. 

Price tag, probably around half a billion dollars.  Give or take.

The minister says closing down or tearing down the Big O never entered her mind.

So here we will go again.  More lipstick on that aging pig.

The Truth is Out There

Are we really being visited by aliens?

If it’s in the New York Times, it must be true. U.S.  Navy pilots spoke to the Times this week about multiple encounters with UFO’s almost daily over the East Coast in 2014 and 2015

One pilot said he almost collided with one of the flying objects which he described as a “sphere encasing a cube”

Strange stuff indeed.

But most of us know that aliens have been with us for some time.

We have proof.  He is a very stable genius and lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D. C.