As a reporter, I covered Jacques Parizeau for years.  The former premier was many things, but for the most part you always knew what you were getting.

Way back in 1995 when he said a yes vote would mean Quebecers were like lobsters in a trap.   No way out.  He was honest about things.  Like them or not.

Which brings us to the Francois Legault and the CAQ.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing? Or as Churchill might say sheep in sheep’s clothing.

PQ Lite

Legault says he is no longer a separatist.  Perhaps in name only. But the CAQ reminds me very much of former PQ governments in their treatment of minorities, particularly English-Speaking Quebecers.

It is just mean spirited to deny local Canada Day activities a few dollars from the budgets of MNA’s.  

Canada Day is not political.  It is just a time to celebrate, should you choose, a pretty damn good place to live.

Now of course ,the CAQ is permitting the public funding for Fete Nationale activities. A spokesman says while Canada Day promotes federalism, Fete St-Jean only promotes Quebec.

That’s what I mean.  

The CAQ is just PQ light.

Attacking English Schools

Point 2. The government is launching a full frontal attack on English schools.

We always suspected the idea to remove school boards was to slowly suck  the life blood  out of the English system.

The Education minister transferred Riverdale High in Pierrefonds to the French board without a word of consultation.

Now he is threatening to unilaterally transfer 3 English schools in the east end to the French board.

Heavy handed indeed.  The minister is acting like an imperial monarch with total disregard for the English speaking community.

Parents are angry and they have a right to be. One parent told CTV.

“There’s a lot of kids have have anxiety and they are scared   they don’t want to leave our territory. Its a family member”

This government is showing total disregard for the needs of the English-speaking community.   

For example, Gerald McShane School is the only  English elementary school in the borough and it is slated to be handed over unilaterally.   We have a school there because we need a school there.  And a young student had these thoughts

“Its heartbreaking because I’ve been with my friends for a long time and I really want to graduate with them”

But you see, this obviously doesn’t matter to Minister Roberge.  He swings a heavy hammer intent on pounding away on our community.

All of this makes the case for keeping our boards despite the designs the CAQ has on them.

At least we can fight.   And at least we will have the courts.

Luc Bows Out

Luc ‘F-bomb’ Ferrandez has packed it in at least for now.

Not long ago the now erstwhile borough mayor of the Plateau posted a profanity-laced diatribe on Facebook.

He complaining about everything.

He dropped the “f “word again this week in council.

And then he quit.   

Ferrandez was, to put it mildly, controversial as head of the Plateau politburo .  He brought in measures that angered many including the ban on cars over the mountain.    And had a habit of not showing up for council.

He says the Plante administration is just not doing enough on climate change.  He thinks Plante sold out.

Radio Canada reports Ferrandez wanted some radical changes in Montreal including charging for all street parking  All street parking Even parking on residential streets.  Nor he wasn’t at all pleased with the possibility of building a new baseball stadium.

My suspicion is that, its not the last we have heard from zealot of the Plateau.

The Science of Climate Change: Explained

Ferrandez is right about one thing.  Climate change affects us all.

Many really smart people argue that it is the single biggest threat facing humanity.

One of them is Bill Nye “The Science Guy” who this week had a an unusual way explaining climate change on the John Oliver show.

Now, just fyi,  some might find the language offensive.

By the end of this century, if emissions keep rising, the average temperature on Earth could go up another four to eight degrees,”“What I’m saying is the planet is on f**king fire.”

“There are a lot of things we could do to put it out. Are any of them free? No, of course not,”

“Nothing’s free, you idiots. Grow the f**k up. You’re not children any more. I didn’t mind explaining photosynthesis to you when you were 12.

“But you’re adults now and this is an actual crisis, got it? Safety glasses off, motherf**kers.”

Seems the f-bombs are flying everywhere this week.  Keep your head down.    Enjoy and be safe on this long weekend.