Your hearts have to go out for the flood victims once again.  It’s been an awful time.   The stellar work of the volunteers redeems one’s faith in humanity.  The City of Montreal and the CAQ government , to be fair , have been doing a competent job.  They are doing their best.  As are members of the armed forces.

As I said, your hearts have to go out to the victims.  Your heads have to go somewhere else.

Why year after year does this happen sometimes in catastrophe?

Years of government inaction is largely to blame.  Years of governments turning a blind eye to allowing homes to be built on flood plains.  

Tough Decisions and Money Needed

Francois Legault is right.   Something has to be done.  And it makes sense to me for the government to pay fair market value for homes so we don’t have to go through this.  Not his top offer of $200 thousand.  Fair market value .  It would cost us all way less in the long run.

Radio-Canada reported this week  that almost half the homes flooded in the Richelieu region in 2011 were rebuilt in the exact same place.  The exact same place .  

With our climate changing, we can expect more extreme weather and more extreme situations.   We need extreme action.

Tough Times for Trudeau

Canadians are getting tired of Justin Trudeau.   PMJT fatigue .  He shouldn’t take it personally, voters tend to eat their leaders after a while.  They still remember his Indian road trip-probably the worst foreign visit ever.

Macleans recently featured this cover, called Trudeau an ‘Imposter”

His sunny ways just receive sneers and derision.   

But not all is lost in the Liberal house.    Support for the Tories is soft and NDP won’t make much of a dent.  The Bloc is on life support.

Canadians are electing conservative  provincial governments just about everywhere.   You might argue that a balance is needed from the federal side to keep things in check.   

Trudeau may be getting his comeuppance from Canadians right now.  But look around at the alternatives. Sometimes it seems we find our leaders in the bargain basement bins and then we are surprised how lousy they are.

A lot will happen between now and October.  It ain’t over by a long shot.

Pinocchio Politics

It was a milestone of sorts this week in the great Republic to our south and the idiot they elected king.

According to the Washington Post fact checker, Trump’s lies hit the 10 thousand mark.

The number is mind numbing.  10 thousand easily disproven falsehoods. 

And the lies are flowing faster every day.

It took Trump 601 days to get to 5,000.

But only 226 days to make it to 10,000.

An average of 23 lies a day in a 7 month period.

There is some good news. The Democratic base is actually much larger than Trumps

If Americans bother to get out to vote, they can rid themselves of this wretched curse and start rebuilding their shattered presidency.

An ABC News-Washington Post  poll finds that 55 percent of Americans say they will definitely not vote for Trump.

Among women it’s 62 percent.

What is scary is that so many Americans still support him but

women along with minority voters can save the United States from itself.

Their votes and a lot of hard work.

This week Ronald Reagan’s daughter  Patti Davis in a plea to Republicans wrote:

“Trump has been wounding our democracy for the past two years. If he is reelected for another term, it’s almost a given that America will not survive — at least not as the country the Founding Fathers envisioned”

Yes its hard work.  Because thoughts and prayers just won’t cut it.  In the real world, it rarely does.