So a convicted war criminal walks into a television studio and gets a standing ovation. 

Absurb? Indeed !  But no punch line here.

That’s exactly what happened on the Radio Canada program Tout le monde en parle.

The star member of Canada’s First Family of Terror,  Omar Khadr apparently has taken to the talk show circuit.

Yes he is the Omar Khadr, who the Trudeau government awarded more than $10 million for time spent in Guantanamo Bay prison.  As a teen fighting in Afghanistan , he killed one American soldier and blinded another.  He told the panelists:

“I think this settlement is not only for me, it’s for every Canadian, to a degree, to ensure that our government does not participate in torturing its citizens. So I know some people might be offended by it but I think it’s for all of us.”

No Mr Khadr,  the 10.5 million was for you.

And we paid it.

Let’s be clear about that.

Questions for Radio-Canada

To be fair, host Guy A Lepage did ask some good  and tough questions.  And perhaps the audience were told to stand and clap like trained seals.

But you have to wonder why the taxpayer funded public broadcaster would agree to this.

And why air the pre-recorded segment on an Easter Sunday when more than 3 hundred people were killed by terrorists in Sri Lanka?

It’s a fair question.  

The Scourge of Single-Use

“I just want to say one word to you.  Just one word. Yes sir.  Plastics “

That iconic line from the Graduate seemed so harmless back then.

Who knew what a nightmare it would become.

The European Union has voted to ban single-use plastic in an effort to curb ocean pollution. And now the city of Montreal wants to follow suit.

Some 40 percent of all plastic produced is designed for one time use.  I think that’s a great idea.  It is something the whole country should do.

The amount of packaging we use is obscene and much it is eventually makes its way into the oceans.  The Plante administration deserves credit for this.  Let’s just hope that city hall is not as clumsy as it has been to date in carrying out its agenda.

Pay Up ! Maybe

It’s that time of year when we can really think about where our tax money is going.

As you fill out your tax forms, and the governments try to squeeze ever last penny out of you.   Consider this.

The Canada Revenue Agency has decided to write off more than $133 million in taxes owed by a single taxpayer.

The CRA won’t give any details on who or why citing confidentiality.

Somehow I think the richer you are the more breaks you get.  

For the average Joe, we are taxed and taxed and just don’t get a break.

The Near and Distant Past

1993 was the last time the Habs won the Cup.  The internet was in its infancy, it was  before social media, before smart phones , before Google and the top movie was Jurassic Park- the original.

For the 26th consecutive year, a Canadian team will not win the Stanley Cup.

There has got to be something very wrong in the way we do things in the home of hockey.

There has got to be something very wrong when the Leafs were our last hope.

Here in Montreal, Habs management is optimistic for next season. Hopeful.  Maybe they should count the number of former Canadiens who were on playoff teams this year.

And the apologists proclaim the Canadiens would have made the playoffs if they were in the Western Conference.

Or they would have made the playoffs with a better back up goalie.

Or Or Or. But But But 

The fact is mediocrity has become a way of life for the Canadiens.

Mediocrity and living in the past.

Nobody does nostalgia like the Habs. 

But as Yogi Berra might say “Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be.”