This is going to be a long 6 months before the federal election.  

It almost seems like schoolyard insults are flying in every direction.  “I know you are but what am I ?”

The PM says the Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is lying.   Really? In politics?

Trudeau even says he will sue Scheer over comments  on the SNC-Lavalin scandal

“You can’t be inventing things. you can’t be lying to Canadians. I think that highlighting that there are consequences short term and long term when politicians when politicians twist the truth and distort reality for Canadians”

And he said this with a straight face.

Politicians twisting the truth?  Say it ain’t so Joe.!

Trudeau could be accused of making up some fibs on this as well on whether he was behind the pressure put on former Attorney-General Jody Wilson-Raybould.

There’s plenty of “Liar Liar Pants on Fire” to go round these days.   The truth though seems to be in short supply.

Corporate Welfare?

Talk about being out of touch.

The federal Liberal government this week gave 12 million dollars to Loblaws to upgrade their fridges.

The goal is to reduce carbon emissions.

Now Loblaw turned a profit of 750 million dollars in 2018.

In 2017 the grocery giant admitted it was part of a scheme to fix the price of bread in Canada.  Guilty as charged they admitted.   As an act of contrition, the company then offered customers gift cards.

There is so much wrong with this but the Environment Minister just can’t see the problem.

There is no doubt that reducing emissions is a good thing  and urgent action is needed but the optics here are terrible.    

Handouts to rich corporations just don’t cut it with many Canadians.  In fact a new report this week finds that nearly half of Canadians are struggling to pay their grocery bills.  And companies like Loblaws are making huge profits.  Somehow something doesn’t seem right.

Half a Sidewalk, A Full Bill

Locally, your tax dollars are hard at work.

City Hall has decided to pay 1.2 million dollars to redo half sidewalk on Brebeuf Street.

What is stunning about this is that the same stretch was redone in 2015 for 2.2 million. 

The idea was to create a bike path, but it resulted in half a sidewalk.   

How silly was that?

Back to the drawing board, a full sidewalk will be restored, the bike path moved over and 50 parking places will disappear.

So do the math 3.4 million dollars in 4 years.  

Sometimes you just got to wonder.

Defacing Public Property

And finally, a bit of a pet peeve.  When it is finally finished, I am sure the Turcot project will be great.  Although I sometimes wonder what is taking so long and why can’t they devote more resources.  But what gets me is  the impulse  for some idiots to take out spray cans and make as many eyesores as possible.  Case in point, the new St Jacques bridge.   Some moron decided to put a mark on what is lovely structure.  And you find it everywhere.  This is garbage graffiti.   Vandalism.   Not sure what the answer is.  Maybe more vigilance, maybe tougher consequences.  It’s not funny.  And it’s not art.

Happy Easter and Happy Passover.  We will see you in a couple of weeks