I suppose it gives a whole new meaning to the term “fashion police”

The “not ready for prime time “CAQ says police, yes, police will be called if someone in the public service does not adhere to the silly law banning religious symbols.   Can you imagine?    Calling 911 over a hijab or kippa or cross.   Quebec is already somewhat the laughing stock.  This would just make it worse.   Much worse

The rookie deputy premier Genevieve Guilbault told reporters she would call in the cops.

Her comments were later dismissed by the premier.  Or so he says.

Legault this week , had the arrogance to proclaim that aspiring teachers who don’t dress the way he sees fit can find other jobs.

Who Will Enforce Bill 21?

The thing is Bill 21 is not enforceable.

It’s like the anti-ragweed law the Montreal Urban Community passed years ago.  There would be a ban on all ragweed on the island.   Problem is they could not enforce it so the law was put aside 

The same will happen for the secular dress law. It’s not enforceable.

Towns and cities and school boards are already lining up to say they want nothing to do with it.

By the way, do you know how many police officers in Quebec wear a hijab or a kippa? 


There is no raging debate.   This is like Trump’s border national emergency.  A totally manufactured debate designed for a political purpose.

It is about white French Quebec identity.   

Power to the People

The only course of action might be civil disobedience.  We saw the beginnings of a protest movement this week and that is a good thing.

The law is an ass.

Now ragweed. That was a real issue and something to sneeze at.

No Dissent Here!

The Right Honourable got a taste of things to come this week.   About 40 women turned their backs to him in a House of Commons event called Daughters of the Vote which encourages young women to get into politics 

It came the day after Trudeau tossed two prominent Liberal women from the Liberal party.   Many have said his so-called feminist credentials are now a sham.

That’s the problem with political parties.  There is no room for dissent.  No room for freedom of conscience.   Either tow the party line or you are out the door.

Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpot found that out this week.  And what this SNC-Lavalin scandal highlights is the total mismanagement of the issue from the prime minister’s office.

A fine mess indeed.   The new way of doing things promised 4 years ago now seems very old indeed.

Losing a Grip

But at least we don’t have a narcissistic megalomaniac running the shop. 

And it seems to be just getting worse at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

In the Washington Post this week, Jennifer  Rubin writes that Trump is unraveling more by the day.  Unsettling because this is the man who holds the nuclear codes.

Just this week he proclaimed that wind turbines cause cancer without a shred of scientific evidence.

“If you have a windmill near your house congratulations it has gone down 75% in value and they say wind turbines cause cancer”

Tilting at windmills.  A modern-day Man of La Mancha 

And to top that, he was talking about Germany, the birthplace of his father Fred.

“My father is German, was Germanborn in a very wonderful place in Germany so I have a very great feeling for Germany.”

The problem is Fred Trump was born in New York City.  The U.S.A.

More lies or perhaps something more serious that everyone should be alarmed about.

And my guess it won’t get better until it gets worse.