If you are a politician, it’s always good to spend someone else’s money and pretend it’s from you.

The CAQ inherited a pretty impressive balance sheet from the provincial Liberals.

And the Caquistes are on a spending spree.

Yes there will be more money for health care and education.   But I am not sure I saw anything in the budget that will get ER wait times down to 90 minutes as promised by then candidate Francois Legault.

There are no income tax cuts.  Yes we are still the highest taxed in North America 

If you own a home your school tax bill will go down.  If you rent, sorry.

The CAQ budget really does play to its core base.

Quebec is swimming in cash right now.

Merci Canada

And a large part of that continues to come from federal transfer payments.

How much?

$24.9  billion dollars in transfers from the folks in the other provinces.

I don’t trust Legault’s conversion to federalism.   But I know he is an accountant and has done the math.  I’m pretty sure his attachment to Canada comes with a dollar sign.  Just add the numbers.

Carrying the Cross

The good news from City Hall this week is that the Projet Montrealers have decided to remove the crucifix from council chambers.

Long overdue in my view in such a culturally diverse city such as ours.  Few would argue to remove the cross from the mountain.  But at City Hall where they make laws , it is only appropriate that the chamber is secular.

And where Montreal leads, Quebec may follow.

Our flip-flopping premier is now talking about removing the cross from the blue room of the National Assembly after years of opposing the idea.

A ‘Fine” State of Affairs

But the Plante gang managed to score on their own net this week by announcing a huge increase in parking fines in Montreal.

Soon it will be a fine just to own a car in this city.

The city says drivers need to change

I hope it will change behaviours I’m more interested in changing behaviours than getting the money

The increase of  26  percent to 78 dollars for a basic parking ticket just reinforces the fact just owning a car is considered “bad behaviour “.

The Rest of the Story?

The federal Liberals love spending our money too.  All of it.   Christmas also came early this year with the federal election budget.  What is clear is that the Liberals have no intention ever, of balancing the books.    That’s despite earlier promises they would .  As a country we will continue to slide deeper into debt. With your money being used to buy your vote.

Many Canadians might not fully understand the SNC-Lavalin crisis facing the Trudeau Liberals.  But they do understand something is very wrong when people keep heading for the door

Quickly here is what we have so far.

February 12- Jody Wilson-Raybould resigns from cabinet

February 18-Gerald Butts resigns as Trudeau’s top advisor

March 4 -Jane Philipott resigns from cabinet

March 18-Michael Wernick resigns as Clerk of the Privy Council, Canada’s top bureaucrat

March  19 – MP Celina Caesar Chavannes quits the Liberal caucus.

The Liberals want this whole thing to do gently into the good night hoping Canadians are ready to move on from a simple matter such as political interference in the judicial process.    And it may,  but much damage has been done to the Liberal brand and to the right honourable.  And sunny ways are giving way to stormy days.

Please Leave

I used to think Beauce MP Maxime Bernier was at the very least provided some interesting ideas and harmless amusement.

But the man who almost became Tory leader and decided to form his own ragtag party has become  a national embarrassment by refusing to denounce the bloody terrorist attack  in Christchurch.  

It’s no secret Bernier’s People’s Party has been courting the anti-immigrant crowd.   

Following the attack Bernier stood in the Commons not to offer his sympathy but to denounce immigrants.

Ce gouvernement a laisser entrer au pays des milliers immigrant illégaux et a dépensé des certaines des millions des dollars.

There is something not quite right here.  Does he have no sense of timing?

Where is the decency?  Where is the compassion.?

Where is the common sense?  The man has become a joke .  A sick one at that.

In Search of Leadership

The problem is in such a diverse and rich and blessed country like Canada, the choices we have are , shall we say somewhat limited.

We used to have giants in our politics.

Now we are so diminished by lesser leaders.

It has been said, The government you elect is the government you deserve.

I think we deserve more and better.  It’s always up to us.

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