The PQ is on life support and I think I heard someone call for a priest.

When the youngest member of your caucus throws in the towel and says the PQ is not worth saving, the end times are nigh.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.  The party, which is now down to 4th place in the legislature ,is even thinking of a name change. 

As if re-branding of this “New Coke” could make any difference.

Face it, the Pequistes are a party of a certain generation.  And as Dylan might add, “Your old road is rapidly fading”.

A Party of Convenience?

But you have to wonder at the integrity of Catherine Fournier.   She ran under the PQ banner in last fall’s election.  Voters elected her as a Pequiste just months ago .  Now she is leaving home.  She has been rightly criticized as someone lacking conviction or at least craving opportunity.  Yes indeed, the times they are a changing. 

Yes Man

Not for politician turned commentator  Mario Dumont though.   This week the former head of Liberal Youth who left the party in a huff years ago to form the ADQ pronounced  he would still vote Yes in a separation vote.

Today’s CAQ is the latter day version of the ADQ.

And Mario’s heart is still with that gang.    And I suspect his yearning for a yes is also in the hearts of many in the CAQ.

So while the PQ may be down for the count, the CAQ is there.  Rushing in where angels fear to tread.

Just wait.   

Ground control to Major Marc

Now I know that Marc Garneau, being a former astronaut, has a higher tolerance for risk than the average Canadian. But really, what took Canada so long to ground the Boeing 737 Max this week?

We were late.  While the Europeans and many others created their no-fly zones. Boeing does a lot of business in Canada.  Was that the reason?  Or did we want to stand in solidarity with the US which was the last country to issue the order?   Politics over safety ?  Not certain , but I am sure many Canadians were left wondering what the hell was going on.   Safety always comes first.

What a Fine Mess

If you look up mismanagement in a dictionary, you might see a picture of Justin Trudeau and his inner circle.

The Trudeau Liberals have looked like the Keystone Cops in their handling of the SNC affair. Even people who say the should cut a deal with SNC say the Liberals have totally messed up.

A poll this week shows the Liberals down 4 points in Quebec at 35 %  and the Conservatives up 5 to 26%  And 68% of voters say the Liberals mismanaged the SNC affair.  

The election race this year will be a lot tighter than anyone could have imagined and the Liberal pain is self-inflicted. Central to the Liberal strategy is the claim that 9 thousand jobs are at risk.

But no one has been able to back that up.  No one. Yet it remains the talking point , true or not.

By the Numbers?

In fact 70 percent of SNC’s business is outside of Canada.   A 10 year ban on bidding for federal contracts wouldn’t be a fatal blow, not by a long shot.

The 9 thousand number is just a scare tactic.   It is a meaningless number concocted as a strategy to make life easier for a well- connected firm.  And now the Liberals have shut down the committee hearings hoping this will simply all just go away.   

Time for a Change

I finally found some common ground with the idiot in the White House. This week Trump said that making Daylight Saving Time permanent would be fine with him.

Twice a year we go through this time change nonsense.   Why?  It makes no sense.  We aren’t really saving anything and it’s unhealthy . There is a move in America to put an end to our time travel. And obviously Canada would follow suit.

The time has come.

And it’s one concept that even Trump can understand although most people would agree that with him,  they would rather change the clocks a few years rather than just one hour.