What a fine mess this has become.

It wasn’t too long ago that it seemed not much could stand in the way between the Liberals and another majority come October.

But things change and many Canadians now are having second thoughts about Justin Trudeau’s ability to lead.

It seems the Liberals are fine with anyone’s independent decision as long as they agree with it.  This is what his former principal secretary had to say this week at a parliamentary committee hearing.

“It’s about what happened and there are different perspectives  on what happened.    Im not here to call any one names”

Now Gerald Butts stopped short of calling Jody Wilson-Raybould a liar but he claims her version of what happened simply isn’t true.   

It certainly did not fit into the narrative pushed by the powerful  Liberal players

The PM had some explaining to do, and muddled through it stopping well short of any form or apology or mea culpa.

Like Elton John sang, “Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest Word.”

I will be making an Inuit apology this afternoon.  In regards to standing up for jobs and rule of law, I continue to say there was no inappropriate pressure


The optics are terrible for the Liberals.   They are now seen once again as the party of the insiders willing to engage in corruption for political gain.

Remember the sponsorship scandal.

And once again it’s about Quebec.   

And once again there are implications for national unity.

This isn’t over yet, and my bet is that most Canadians still believe  Madame Wilson-Raybould.   And believe there were veiled threats made against her.

And they believe she was dumped as Justice Minister and Attorney-General for political expediency.

Politically it is an eternity until the October election.

Will we still be talking about this in a couple of months?  My guess is probably not.

Will it give Canadians a reason to question Justin Trudeau, probably yes.

The heart of the matter is that this SNC-Lavalin scandal is about politics trying to corrupt our legal system.   Think about it.  We cannot have a Prime Minister deciding what is a crime and what is not.

Our country does not have the scandals and the malfeasance in politics that we see south of the border.

But this affair shows just how dirty things can become.   Power does that to people.


Do as I say, not as I do.

That could be the motto of Francois Legault.

Back when he was in opposition, he howled at the Liberals because Quebecers were being overcharged by Hydro Quebec.  He was demanding refunds for everyone.  He called it a hidden tax.

Flash forward to now  Premier Legault and well you guessed it, that 1.5 billion dollars of our money isn’t going anywhere .  Nope the check is not in the mail.

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has launched a petition calling on Legault to keep his promise.  

On top of this, Hydro this week had the gall to announce another rate increase come April 1st.

And its us, the taxpayers who will indeed be the April fools.


What’s with cops in Quebec?

We have known for a long time about the deep problems of toxicity plaguing the Montreal force. 

There have been resignations, firings, and constant infighting 

So they bring in SQ chief  Martin Prud’homme to clean it up.

He writes a report and the Montreal chief is out the door.

Now Prud’homme has been suspended and is being investigated for possible criminal offences.

The good news here is that justice seems to be working.  The bad news is why are there so many rotten cops, particularly in senior positions ?  Sometimes you wonder if being sworn to serve means serving themselves?


Finally, what a crappy winter.   But  take heart, the folks who know about these things say the worst is definitely over.   And spring happens in a matter of days.

Our memories are short and on those sweltering July days we won’t give much of a thought to the winter from hell.

Until next winter.  As they say in Quebec, there are really only two seasons.  L’hiver and L’hiver prochain.