I believe Jody Wilson-Raybould. 

Without a doubt.

I believe she was forced out as Canada’s Attorney-General because she refused to bend the law to  give a break to a well- connected Quebec based company.  

SNC-Lavalin has a checkered  past of corruption.   The latest to surface, La Presse reports this week that it paid for prostitutes for Moammar Gadhafi’s son on a visit to Canada in 2008.

I believe Madame Wilson-Raybould when she said  the Prime Minister intervened directly with worries about jobs and votes.

She testified  “I experienced a consistent & sustained effort by many people w/in the govt to seek to politically interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as the AG of Canada…”

PM Denies

Trudeau denies all of this. What would you expect him to do? He obviously hoped it would come down to a she said-he said.

But her testimony was so strong that Madame Wilson-Raybould credibility remains in tact.  Beyond reproach.

Now there are those now like our own premier Francois Legault  who say let’s just cut a deal for SNC-Lavalin and make it all go away.  Too many jobs are at stake.  Companies make threats all the time to get what they want. Legault wants to make Quebec the victim here.

Well, it’s not that simple.

We do have rule of law and no one or no company should be above that law regardless of political considerations.

And that’s what’s at stake here. That long standing Canadian affliction of  Liberal arrogance is back.  

 But with an election in just over 200 days

Jody Wilson-Raybould says she is a truth teller.

My bet is that most Canadians will believe her. Truth to power.

Playing to the Base

Our worst fears of the CAQ government are being realized and I bet that we are in for a challenging few years.

Like the orange menace south of the border, Francois Legault’s strategy will be to play to his base. 

The rest of us don’t really matter do we?

A government that so far has been heavy-handed in a simple bilingual sign issue at Lachute hospital.

A government that unilaterally decided to give an English high school to the French board without one peep of consultation .

A government that has decided to strip 18 thousand immigrants of their applications that will send people to the back of the line after waiting for years.

Quebec’s ombudsman rightly chastised the CAQistes saying the government is showing no empathy or fairness.   They are people, not pieces of paper.

This is a government that will plow ahead with plans to strip government employees of the right to wear what they want with possible dismissal as a consequence .  The measure would mostly affect teachers.

Let’s face it the CAQ has a concern bordering on an obsession with non-White, non-Christian citizens .

After all it will keep a cross hanging in the Blue Room of the National Assembly.  

Just as a reminder of who and what  is important.   And what plays best to the base.

A Clear and Present Danger

Welcome to the New Ice Age.

I cannot remember when conditions were this bad.

Nor can many Montrealers.

To be fair as much as Projet Montreal would probably like to, it can’t control the weather.  And this year as been a bloody freezing mess.

And other cities have had to cope with ice as well.


And its a big but.

We should be able to do much better.

Another winter like this without improvement in how snow and ice is handled will sink the Plante administration in the next election .

And it’s the sidewalks that of most concern.

There are people with reduced mobility who have become prisoners in their homes this winter.

We need to devote better planning and certainly more resources.

When it snows,  clean it up,  particularly when the meteorologists tell us rain and and a deep freeze will follow. 

Taxpayers have basic expectations from their municipal governments.   Keep them safe, provide places to play, remove the garbage and clear the streets and sidewalks. 

The current mayor talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.

Because this year thats pretty much impossible on Montreal sidewalks.

Trump Unmasked

Finally a quick word on Michael Cohen and his testimony this week.

He says he is a man on a path to redemption.   He is hard not to believe.

When he calls Trump a racist, a con man and a cheat he knows of what he speaks.

It was telling that the sad sack Republicans didn’t not challenge any of Cohen’s testimony preferring to attack the witness instead.

Telling, perhaps not because they suspected he was telling the truth but perhaps because they feared he was.