Francois Legault is going to need to do better than this.

He obviously knows nothing about intergovernmental relations.

And he has got Alberta hopping mad with his quick  dismissal of the idea of reviving the Energy East pipeline.

Legault’s comments come as Quebec gets the lion’s share of federal equalization payments. 13 billion dollars in 2019.  Much of that money comes  from Alberta.  This is what Alberta premier Rachel Notley had to say this week 

“Not only is our product not dirty, it actually fund the schools, hospitals, the roads and part of the Hydro Quebec infrastructure in Quebec.”

Quebec uses a lot of oil.  And a good deal of it comes from Saudi Arabia; a country that kills journalists, beheads and jails dissidents, denies women basic rights and funds Islamic terror.   Now that is dirty oil.

Boycotting Quebec 

Some in Alberta have called for a boycott of Quebec goods and services. They have a right to be angry.  And the unequivocal statement from our rookie premier shows a lack of understanding about Canadian compromise.   Quebec cannot always have it both ways.  Legault better get up to speed and quickly.


Enough is Enough.

 Canadians already paid former terrorist and convicted killer Omar Khadr 10 and a half million dollars. Money I think  that would have been better served helping Canadian veterans.

Now he is seeking easier bail conditions .

Among them , he wants to be able  to speak unhindered to his sister who still supports Al-Quaida and thinks 9-11 was a good idea.

The Khadrs have been nicknamed Canada’s First Family of Terror.

My guess is that most Canadians have had enough of this.

And no should be the clear answer.

Hail to the Chief ?

Montreal has a new chief of police.   Maybe Sylvain Caron  can save a police department in deep trouble lacking in the public confidence it so desperately needs. 

It would have been nice to choose a new leader who can communicate with a quarter of the population particularly since racial profiling is one of the main problems facing the force but  Chief Caron doesn’t speak English.  You would have thought but maybe not.  Things are the way they are.   In any event, Bonne Chance Monsieur le chef.  You have a hell of a job ahead of you.

Baby It’s Cold Outside   


And it is the chilly wind of that same political correctness that is blowing across our land 

For goodness sakes, it’s a song.  But radio stations and networks rushed to announce they would not play it because it was brought to their attention that the song could be misconstrued as sexual assault. 

This week, the CBC wisely backtracked on its decision after sober second thought.

But really,  has it come to this?   It a simple harmless song about flirtation from more than a half a century ago. S

Her main concern, given the morality of the time , was what staying might do to her reputation. 

 You can’t just start banning words and songs because some people might find them objectionable.  We’ve really gone too far when songs like this become censored and deemed unfit for public consumption

They are so many important issues that #MeToo has brought to the surface and so many wrongs that need correcting.   But this is not one of them.

Because in the end, it’s just a silly song and it was her choice to stay or leave.

Baby It’s Cold Outside and getting colder.

All I Want For Christmas.

All I want for Christmas is for some store clerk to wish me a Merry Christmas.   What does Season’s Greetings mean?  The season where winter began in October?  Or Happy Holidays?  

Come on.  Can we dump the political correctness and just say ” Merry Christmas”?    And trust me, people of other faiths will not be offended.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t believe story of the birth in the manger and the shepherds keeping watch over their flocks and the rest of the Christmas story. That’s not the point.  On December 25th, it’s Christmas Day.   Just look at a calendar.  

Remembering Tom

We lost another great one this week.   Tom Armour was a true radio professional .  He was uncompromising in his pursuit of journalistic excellence.  I first met Tom years ago when he was doing the morning news on CFCF Radio.  I was a kid working the overnight shift.  I would just hang around and watch and listen to Tom and his co-anchor Derek Lind as they went through their morning news routine.   The lessons I learned stayed with me through my career.   Tom was a teacher and a true gentleman.   They don’t make them like him anymore.  Thank you Tom. Rest in Peace