Quebec is about to have the strictest pot laws in Canada.    The CAQ government is going to raise the legal age to 21 and ban smoking it in public places.

Now the best medical minds agree smoking cannabis is not good for young brains. 

On the other hand, organized crime will just get richer because kids will keep smoking it illegally.

And I am not sure that the new age restriction would hold up in court.

You can vote, you can serve in the military to defend the country but you can’t smoke pot? Perhaps even more education is really what is needed.  But I wonder if that would work.  No easy answers.

The Great Divide 

What is for sure is that the divide is deepening between the right wing CAQ and the leftist Project Montreal.

Premier Legault basically told the mayor that her new metro Pink Line is a pipe dream. Caquistes like cars.

And now she is coming out swinging over the new restrictions that pot smoking will only be allowed at home.  She says , “It doesn’t consider the reality of Montreal where 60% of the residents are tenants.  Its confusing”  Plante and Legault .   It’s just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

In a Fix

What the hell is going on the the STM ?The Gazette has been doing some fine work exposing the problems notably with the bus service.

The paper reported this week that Montreal simply does not have enough buses.  

That’s because at any given time 30% of them are broken.

In other words the Gazette reports of 1815 buses, up to 541 could be in the shop.

Now when they are in the shop, they aren’t picking up passengers.   When they aren’t picking up passengers, people are stranded. Often in the bitter cold.

You call that service?

On top of that, buses often run out of gas because they don’t have fuel gauges.

I know labour relations at STM have not been a bowl of cherries but that cannot explain what seems to be exceptionally bad management.

Smart Money?

And the folks at the top of the STM food chain are making a pretty good buck.

In 2017, Director-General Luc Tremblay made $345 thousand dollars plus expenses 

And the half a dozen Executive Directors pulled in salaries from $190 thousand to $259 thousand.

Hell , Mayor Valerie Plante only makes $168 thousand.  Far less than any of the mandarines running the STM.

Think of those salaries next time the bus just doesn’t show up on a cold Montreal day.

Pardon My English

Now speaking of the mayor, she spent much of the week profoundly apologizing for speaking too much English.  She took to Twitter to announce her mea culpa.

Never mind the event was to announce the investments in Montreal by three firms from the UK.  That’s the United Kingdom where they speak the Queen’s English.  Three firms putting money in Montreal.

The Guardians of the Francophone  Galaxy, the deep thinkers at Quebecor media denounced Plante’s anglophile speech.

And one hack  from the Journal de Montreal confronted and even chastised her. 

She was only using good manners.

But put in her place, she saw the light of linguistic purity.   And said she was sorry for her lack of probity.   

Quebec sometimes is a very small place with very small minds.

The Christmas Spirit?

What’s your favourite Christmas movie?

There’s a raging social media debate about whether Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

Now I could vote for A Christmas Carol (the 1951 Alastair Sim version, please), or Jimmy Stewart’s It’s a Wonderful Life, or even Elf with Will Ferrell.

But Bruce Willis in Die Hard?  Franchement.    

Most people seem to agree its not a Christmas move . A new survey this week found 62 percent think is surely is not.  25% say it is. -the rest  don’t know.

What are those 25% thinking.   

Not what I could call the spirit of Christmas.