You could have bet the farm on this one.

Our new 4 billion dollar Champlain bridge is behind schedule. Not by  a few weeks.   Six months.

We talked about this project for decades and you would have thought that they could have made some  allowances for the “unforeseen” circumstances.

No, it won’t open in December.    Next summer is the target date.   I have my doubts about that too.  In the meantime,  there will be pissing matches between the consortium and Ottawa over fines and who is to blame.   In the end, we are the biggest losers. Another six months ,at least,  of traffic hell trying to cross the river.  Maybe I am mistaken, but  I can’t recall any large project in this province that comes in on time and on budget.  

Falling Short

And here was another safe bet.   I mean they only had a year and a half to prepare for it. The Societé  Quebecoise du Cannabis ran out of stock this week.  

It reminds me that iconic cheese shop from Monty Python, that advertised cheese but never had any .

No cheese and no pot for you.

The SQDC is warning consumers that shortages could last for months.   That’s great news for the private dealers and their suppliers who will carry on business as usual.  Nothing has really changed. 

Drawing A Pink Line

You have to give the mayor credit for throwing down the gauntlet.

She wants to get going on her cherished pink metro line.

This week she announced a million dollars will be spent setting up a project office to study the idea.  Even if the new CAQ government is somewhat cool to the idea.  She said 

“They are moving forward with their priorities .  I’m moving forward with mine.”

Plante believes her idea of a new multi billion dollar line running from Lachine to Montreal North is essential to easing congestion nightmares above and below ground.

She will have a tough fight.   The CAQ will not be inclined to do much for Montreal and besides the vast majority of its support comes from car drivers. 

My guess is that  Montreal will be a bit of the black sheep for the next 4 years.  The CAQ has proved it just needs to please its rural and suburban base to win.  And how it will help the English-speaking community is a big question mark.  And not a safe bet in the least.

Bombs and Calamity

The chickens have indeed come home to roost.

We keep thinking we have hit bottom in the U.S. and we learn that maybe there is no bottom.

The swirling , infested, toxic,  pestiferous abyss of the 45th president has no seeming end.

The awfulness of this president has enabled obscenities of the worst kind It’s now okay to go after immigrants, Neo-nazis are fine people, women can be groped,  the free press is the enemy and now its  sending bombs to not to lock her up but to blow her up.

Trump asked for this with his spewing of hate and venom.   And his base has been egged on by the terrible Fox News, the administration’s state television.   Marching orders from the chief.

Let’s pray that enough Americans of goodwill and common sense will put a leash on this megalomaniac  in the upcoming elections on November 6th 

Can there be a return to sanity ?