Well, did we really expect anything different?

Francois Legault is now our premier and he has a new cabinet.

Give him credit for gender equality. 

Minus A Minister

But for the life of me, I cannot find the minister responsible for the English speaking community.  Frig we had one just  a couple if  weeks ago under the Liberals.

To be fair, one MNA has been given the title of Parliament secretary for anglos.   But it’s a downgrade.

New reality.  The  new guys in town don’t need us .  We didn’t elect them.  Let’s hope they at least continue to fund the English secretariat.  It is a step in the right direction.

And you have to love this. 

Simon Jolin-Barrette was named Minister of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion.  The CAQ kept the portfolio title the Liberals had used  Given the CAQ’s position on difference, there has to be a joke in there somewhere.

The Learning Curve

I once asked then Premier Robert Bourassa about his proudest accomplishment in political life.  He said it was keeping his caucus and party together through some very tough times.

Mr Legault welcome to power. 

Keeping track of all these rookie MNA’s and inexperienced cabinet members will be like herding cats.

In many ways the CAQ is so not ready for prime time. There will be missteps and plenty I would guess.   But it is what we have and something tells me that new car shine is going to fade pretty quickly.

Canadian Flag?  Non Merci

For many a vote for Quebec Solidaire was a vote for a left wing socialist party challenging the “system”.  But its true colours were on display this week.  Like their very distant cousins in the PQ, the Solidaires removed the Canadian flag from the Red Room of the National Assembly during swearing in ceremonies.  

And their oath of allegiance to the Crown was done behind closed doors.   I can live with that but the flag flap is just small minded politics.

The Pot Era Begins

So, the great Canadian pot experiment is underway.   Cannabis for recreational use is now legal in the true north and the world hasn’t ended.   

The fact of the matter is that about 85 % of Canadians do not smoke weed.

Think about it.   All of this reefer madness is about 15% of the population.

I somehow think that legal pot will just become the new normal very quickly.

The lines will diminish at the pot stores.

And cannabis companies may just find that they haven’t found the goose or the golden egg.  Much remains to be seen and  much of the hype is just that , hype.

Bongs and Bagels

Is does seem rather ironic and hypocritical that the Plante administration would allow pretty much a free for all on where you can smoke in Montreal and during the same week announce it wants to crack down on the smoke from a handful of bagel shop ovens.   Something stinks.

Taking the High Road ?

Now There are some concerns  particularly with the effects on teenage brains.

A McGill study released this week had some sobering news for young drivers.

It found that the risk of collisions increases dramatically for 5 hours after consuming cannabis

Reaction time for example after smoking one joint declined significantly and lasted for hours.  The greatest impact of legalization could be on the roads.    Drinking and driving while having becoming socially unacceptable still kills and maims thousands of Canadians every year.  

And the best the cops have right now at detecting cannabis roadside  is something called the Drager  Drug Test 5000.   The federally approved device has its limitations like its size,  but probably the biggest is that it doesn’t work in cold weather.  So pretty much useless in Canada for about 5 months of the year.   And some police forces have said no thanks.   This is Canada after all.  But there has to be a better way.

 Cannibals or Cannabis ?

The funniest item I saw this week was a tweet from CBC reporter Thomas Daigle who is working out of the UK.

He writes : “Our London intern was doing “streeters,” i.e. getting people’s opinions about Canada legalizing cannabis.  One respondent called it inhumane, adding “we’re already killing fish and all sorts of animals”. They had misunderstood, thinking Canada was legalizing “cannibalism”

We’re aren’t there yet .   Even with a severe countrywide case of the munchies.