I like to keep an open mind on things.   But for the life of me I cannot understand what the CAQ is saying.  It’s like they are speaking Ferengi. 

On one hand, the Legaultists are trying to tell some Quebecers what they can and cannot wear.

By the way, note to Francois, you can’t tell a federally appointed judge how to dress.   The key word here is : federal.    

It would be as if Legault didn’t like the hats the Mounties wear and tried to get rid of them.   

Forget it.

A Cross to Bear?

It is so telling that the CAQ, before anything else, vowed to put those religious people in their place while at the same time keeping the crucifix depicting Christ’s passion in the legislature.

No it’s not a simple cross.   It is a constant reminder of  Quebec’s Roman Catholic heritage

The thing is the crucifix hasn’t been there forever.   It was installed in the 1930’s by Maurice Duplessis to seal the deal between Church and State.

This is what Legault says :

“ I think it’s part of our history, and I don’t see that as a religious sign.  I see that as being part of our values”

There’s the V word again.   Quebec values.  This is getting so tiring.  Instead of Quebec values, how about human values of decency and common sense.

Tell me.   What really is the difference between a teacher wearing a hijab and a teacher wearing a habit?

I am sure that Mr Legault and his cronies would find a way to find one acceptable and the other not.

Because you see in the land of pure laine, all religions are equal but some are more equal than others.

Power Grab?

The thing about our incoming premier is that he always seems to want to pick a fight.

The CAQ has a long list of grievances it wants to address with Ottawa.   Legault thinks he has just landed at a federal all inclusive and can’t wait to see the buffet.

Here is a partial list of demands from the CAQ program.

Bill 101 to apply to federally-regulated businesses

Complete control over immigration

More tax points for Quebec, fewer for Ottawa.

One tax form administered by Quebec

Quebec’s approval in naming Supreme Court judges.

Thats just the beginning.  Legault and his band of pseudo-sovereignists will no doubt try to pick away at Ottawa’s powers until there is no meat left on the federal bone.  

We’ve seen this movie before and the ending never changes.

Ready or Not

Well, recreational pot becomes legal in a few days.

What could go wrong?

My guess is that there will be quite an adjustment period as employers and law enforcement try to figure it all out.

In Montreal, the Plante administration is making a mistake in allowing cannabis to be consumed under the same rules as tobacco.

I don’t  know about you but I really don’t want to smell wafts of pot when I’m walking down Ste-Catherine street or in Old Montreal.

And I’m sure most people don’t want their children inhaling in public places.

Some cities and boroughs have come up with some sensible restrictions about where people can light up and where they cannot,  like public parks and green spaces .  But the Plateau based  Politburo obviously has decided otherwise. Not that Projet Montreal would ever ask for public input.  It’s not their style.   They just talk the talk.