What a really weird election campaign this turned out to be.

Who woulda thunk that Marxism would become an issue?

Speaking to Debra Arbec on CBC this week about the Quebec Solidaire program,   Manon Masse seemed to go all in. She said 

If you call it Marxism, yes it is”

The next day she denied it citing something was lost in translation. 

Not sure about that folks.  It sounded pretty clear to me.

No Solidarité

Anyway, Quebec Solidaire has come under brutal attack  from the PQ and even friends of the PQ like Gilles Duceppe.

He questioned Manon Masse’s sovereignist credentials and even the quality of her French.

The PQ sees its vote slipping away to the Solidaires.   

And our Marxists- real or imagined- seem to be having a great time with visions of doubling their seat count.

The truth is that Quebec Solidaire as a 4th party has been given pretty much a free ride.  No one thinks they have a hope in hell of forming a government to transform Quebec into Cuba of the north.  Minus the beaches.

But their platform of free everything is appealing to younger Quebecers but whether they actually get out to vote in clearly another issue.

Make An Informed Choice and Do It

Now Churchill said “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”.   Sometimes it seems that way.

In the last election 71% of Quebecers did manage to get out to vote even if many weren’t sure who they were voting for.

What Really Matters

There are clear choices on Monday. Clear choices about the kind of society we want.  Clear choices on how the parties view minority issues.

For the English speaking community,  our survival depends on keeping our youth here and providing them with real chances at opportunity,  on guaranteeing access to health care particularly for those who are the most vulnerable such as elderly Anglos who sometimes have no place to turn, to ensuring  a strong and viable education system with robust English school boards.  

We don’t need any more useless debates on identity and values tests for newcomers who may be a little different.

Immigrants are needed and should be valued not looked upon with suspicion.   Let’s embrace our diversity.

When the National Assembly debates the oh so importance of Bonjour-Hi, it makes me sad and angry.

The new English secretariat is a good start.  Let’s hope all parties keep their pledge to maintain it.  And to provide the proper funding.

Your call.  

It’s up to you.

Choose wisely.