It can’t be easy for the leaders and the parties to keep track of their candidates.

As easy as herding cats I reckon.   Especially with social media where what you say is forever.

Suivant Next

Some of that new car glean seems to be coming off the self-righteous bunch over at the CAQ.

Let’s see the CAQ party president is out as a candidate in Laprairie  Seems he is something of a loan shark.   Not good for the Mr Clean image of the Caquistes.

Then there is the candidate for St Jean, a bar owner, who tended to let in underage drinkers and even got mixed up in some dwarf event on Fete-St-Jean.

Then there is former TV vedette Marguerite Blais who has gone from being a declared sovereignist to a Liberal minister now to a CAQ candidate.  How do you spell opportunist?

Unworthy Pequistes

Over at the PQ, things are’t much better.   The Beauharnois MNA is out of the election after being charged with DUI.

The candidate in Drummond is out after comparing Islam to pit-bulls.   He wants a law to get rid of both.

The PQ candidate for Maskinonge has had on line past come to bite her with anti-Muslim comments.  As the song goes “She’s gone”.

But for some reason the PQ has decided to keep its candidate in Mercier after she used the N word.    Lisee says it was just a human error.  No Mr Lisee, you don’t use that word unless you are a racist.  Point finale.

The other parties must be holding their breath waiting for some bozo remark from a candidate. 

Speaking the Truth

The only other real faux pas came from Quebec Solidaire’s Manon Masse when she declared English to be an official language of Quebec.

“As long as we stay in Canada of course its a second official language”

The reaction was immediate    It was almost as if were in the 1500’s and Galileo dared to pronounce the Earth actually revolved around the sun.   

Masse was right.  English is an official language.    Its a language of the courts, and the National Assembly.  No law can be passed in Quebec unless there is an English version.  Look it up.

But if you think this campaign so far has been a yawner.  I agree.  Maybe things will heat up for the debates.

I really don’t need anymore of Francois Legault eating poutine.  

Fear in the White House

Now south of us it is indeed Crazy-town.   And the wagons appear to  circling around the moron in the White House.

First the new book by Watergate reporter Bob Woodward.  Many books have been written about Trump but this one is important.  After all, how many reporters have had Robert Redford play them in a movie?


Woodward paints a White House in chaos and a president who is unhinged.   It’s a frightening behind the scenes look and America in disarray.   This man always knows his stuff.

The Resistance Grows

Then came the op-ed piece in the New York Times from a senior administration official.

He or she writes

“The root of the problem is the president’s amorality.” ……”his leadership style is impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective.” ….”the bigger concern is what we as a nation have allowed him to do to us.    We have sunk low with him and allowed our discourse to be stripped of civility.”

The resistance has infiltrated the White House.

Perhaps this nightmare will have a happy ending.

Trump can always Blame Canada.