Week two of the campaign has begun  and sometimes it seems like the politicians are like the adults in Peanuts.  And nobody is really interested in hearing what they are trying to say or can even understand them.

But let’s just put aside the election for a minute.  

I am just wondering this week how desperate the STM is for cash.

This video surfaced this week showing STM inspectors roughing up -to put it mildly – a man who didn’t pay his fare.

We can’ t be too smug about all the violence  in America , this is Montreal.   And its not pretty.  

Now these inspectors aren’t real cops but they dress like them and some of them seem to have power issues.  Thank goodness they don’t have guns.

Aren’t we better than this.?   Guess not.  I hope the victim has a good lawyer.  All for 3.25.

It really is Christmas in the summer.   With so much money flowing and so many promises being made you almost want an election every year.

Just look at what Quebec Solidaire is promising. 

 There is free education, free dental care for all, half price public transit.  The list goes on

Yes the Solidaires are promising us good times for all

a place where the handouts grow on bushes. 

A place where we  will all pay higher taxes. Welcome to the nanny state where you spend everyone else’s money.   What could be wrong with that?

But it ain’t over ‘till its over.   Hall of Fame Catcher Yogi Berra said that.    And for this election it is the truth “sans doute.”

It is for sure a two way sprint.   The CAQ, who have never held power, but think could do a better job with Canada’s hottest economy have been on top for a while.  

Their favourite position obviously but my guess is that the Liberals still have some gas in the tank.   And the campaign won’t really get serious until after around the time of the debates.

Although the premier wading into the dairy debate called upon the spirit of Pierre Trudeau to defend our god given right to more expensive milk and cheese.  “Just watch me ” he told reporters, evoking Trudeau of the 1970 October Crisis.

The latest poll has the Liberals within striking distance and I suspect the numbers will get closer and closer.

But with  unequal vote distribution, where rural votes are sometimes worth twice as much as urban votes, the chances of a CAQ win are still high.  

Although a majority government might be easier said than done.

In fact most Quebecers , 52% are expecting a minority government.  That means we could be doing this all over again in 2 years, albeit with some new leaders.   

In the meantime, its a great late summer attraction.  And hardly anyone is talking about separation.  

It’s  democracy at work and that’s a wonderful thing. And no fake news. We hope.

Yogi Berra also said “you can observe a lot by watching”