Ok, when I first laid eyes on the quasi-psychedelic PQ’s campaign bus, I couldn’t believe it.   It’s a thing of thing of beauty.   And took me back to 1967 and the Beatles and Magical Mystery Tour   

Yes, this election will be a magical mystery tour.   Full of gaffes, blunders, accusations,  rhetoric  and certainly blue meanies.  Sorry I know that was another movie.

Well folks,   it’s election season in Quebec and we are back to help you keep track of whats going on and the occasional  idiocies from this years crop of candidates.

Separation on the back burner

The good news is that for the first time in a very long time, separation is not a ballot question.

After what happened last time with PKP’s rah rah sovereignty fist pump, no one really is the mood to talk about it. Least of all the voters who have for the most part have been there and done that and want to move on with their lives.

But its an issue the Liberal leader wants to keep alive casting doubts about Legault, hoping to convince federalists that the CAQ is suspicious .  The Premier had this to say.

I still have serious questions about Legaults true commitment to our country. Why ? He never says he loves the country. He’s OK with Canada thats not enough for me.

The issues

There will be plenty of other issues to argue about .;  the economy, health care and the distasteful ideas of identity that will reach the boiling point and of course the other issue that many discuss while holding their noses; minority rights.   Yep those pesky anglos just keep making noise.   Better seen but not heard ?  By the way,  M Legault, we pretty much want to keep their school boards.

Quebec’s economy is the best in Canada.   But is it enough for voters?

Health care may be the Liberals undoing.   Public perception is that things haven’t got much better.

Legault is promising 90 minute wait times in our ER,s

Maybe there is another movie in this election campaign for the CAQ.  Mission Impossible.

Two minutes for elbowing

And The Liberals  got off to an awful start in Marquette when they pushed aside a long time loyal solider and replaced him with a former hockey enforcer who had first tried running for the CAQ.

In a mother-in-law interview, former Liberal premier Jean Charest had some choice words for the Liberal approach and their treatment of MNA Francois Ouimet

An Uncertain Wind

Polls give the CAQ a comfortable lead but Quebec voters can be a fickle lot.  45 percent say they could change their minds.  Lightfoot was right

If you could read their minds, what a tale their thoughts would tell. 


The campaign slogans are marvels to behold

The PQ. Sérieusement  — better would be “franchement”.  yes you are seriously in trouble Mr Lisee

The CAQ. Maintenant —Now or never Mr Legault.?

Quebec Solidaire is POPULAIRE.    Well who doesn’t want to be popular ? Is this a popularity contest ?  

And the Liberals  Pour faciliter la vie des Quebecois .

What?   That makes no sense. Who the hell came with that one? It must have been a committee that came up with that one.  “To facilitate Quebecer’s  lives” sounds clumsy to me.   Liberals go with your right hook , “It’s the economy stupid.”

A lot can and will happen between now and October 1st.

It’s a new season.   And no one has it figured out yet.  

Its a mystery to me.

And to us all.   They have Promises to make and miles to go before we sleep