There was a time not so very long ago when the United States was our BFF.There was a time when honour and decency were the hallmarks of our relationship. There was a time when there was respect and a way to find solutions. This is what President John F Kennedy told Parliament in 1961.

“What unites us is far greater than what divides us.  The issues and irritants that affect all neighbours are small in comparison with the issues we face together”

From the words of a statesman to the garbage talk of a bully.  Donald Trump threatened Canadians after hearing Prime Minister Trudeau’s closing news conference at the G-7.

“He assumed I was in an airplane and wasn’t watching.  He learned that is going to cost a lot of money to the people of Canada”

Canadians won’t back down

Trump accomplished a few things.

First, he will give  the Prime Minister a bump in polls, no doubt.

Second, he got all the federal parties to actually show a common front.

And third, and most importantly, he brought Canadians together.

We may appear to much of the world to be like the polite uncle who never offends.   But the clear message after the Trump tirade was “don’t push us around”. He does have that galvanizing effect.  And he attempt to destroy the western alliance will fail.

Trump is probably using all of his bluster to try to get a better deal in NAFTA talks.   Thats the kind of person he is.  He will punch you in the face and then try to show empathy for how you feel. He wants Canada to negotiate from a position of weakness and fear.  Thats how bullies operate.

What he will learn I hope is that we will refuse to cower.  Its about a sense of Canadian self respect This is THE Prime Ministerial moment for Trudeau.  Trump may have  almost guaranteed him re-election.

Praise for Brutal Dictator

Of course this is guy who in another lifetime would have met with Hitler and congratulated him on the fine job he was doing for Germany.  This week he heaped praise on a murderous dictator.  And then naively claimed that North Korea no longer posed a nuclear threat.   The man is clearly delusional .  He puts children in jail.  He is clearly a man without any moral compass.

And you have to love this flub from Fox News .It isn’t far from the truth

“This is history.  Regardless of what happens in the meeting between the 2 dictators”

Fox finally got something right.

Minds Made Up?

Here at home, another poll is pointing to a CAQ majority government this fall.

The Leger poll gives the CAQ a 9 point lead. Perhaps the most telling finding is that only 7 percent of voters say they are undecided.

Still a lot can happen between now and October 1st, but as each day passes, it seems we should prepare ourselves for the victory of a party which will not speak for Montreal and which refuses to see Canada as more than the sum of its parts.

Your Say

Finally this week, our Facebook Poll drew a lot of response this week.  We asked if you if  were prepared to boycott American goods

Susan Dempsey writes “  I am trying very hard to boycott anything made in the USA.  Also, I will not travel there while 45 is in power.  If it lasts 8 years, so be it.”

And David Mosher writes:”If I even wean myself off 5% of what I buy from the U.S., it might make a difference.  Our economies are very tightly entwined but it’s possible to do something”

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