Is it Trump North?  It sure has some remarkable similarities.   A populist base harbouring grievances  electing a clearly unqualified candidate.


Doug Ford rode a wave of voter discontent and anti-liberal elitism to a majority government. What’s next?  There seems to be little in clear public policy promised except a buck a beer.  Like Trump, Ford could prove to be a great disrupter.   Clearly the man has no idea what he is doing.  But the anti urbanites wanted change and change is what they will get.  And is Quebec next?   The times are they a changin?


Well, The erstwhile leader of the Bloc put it best.  In the words of Martine Ouellet, “the movement is sick”. There you go, Bob’s your uncle.  And Martine Ouellet after unleashing about an hour’s worth of venom has left the building.The Bloc and its illegitimate child Quebec Debout are becoming the laughing stock of Quebec politics.


Here’s a story that largely slipped under the radar this week.   But its an important one. And moreover it’s instructive.   A report report this week looks at income disparities in Quebec between women and men.  The wage gap in Quebec still is substantial

In the Health Sector ,  Women make a median wage of $34,800.  Men earn $41,000.   It’s a sector where 84% of the jobs are held by women.

In Law, woman make an median wage of $84,300 while men earn $101,600.   And over half, 51.7% of people working as judges, lawyers and notaries are women.

And not surprisingly, in Quebec women overall make a median wage of $42,400 while men earn $51,600.

And in none of the 67 categories looked at, in not one of  67 categories looked at did women make more.  There’s still a  steep hill to climb even in progressive Quebec.


Play Ball? Not so fast.   Apparently a game of softball is too dangerous for the bean heads in Projet Montreal.The borough is closing one of two ball diamonds at Jeanne Mance park because well it might just cause loss of life or limb.  Franchement.   The borough even commissioned a ballistics report as if scud missiles were being launched from home plate.We know that Projet Montreal is firmly rooted in the nanny state and telling us what’s good for us, including closing the road over the mountain, but is it also on a mission to take fun out of summer.?  Don’t buy me peanut or crackerjack.

And by the way, the head of the Plateau politburo, “Luc “wrong way on a Bixi” Ferrandez when asked about the Jeanne Mance ball players on 98.5 this week , said

“ They are a community of anglos of a certain age,  They’ve been there forever.   They make hot dogs”.   

There you go, aging Anglos just don’t matter to the hipster mayor.   And why do these people so often have to frame everything in terms of language. It’s just game of ball.


So what’s next for the race-baiting king of narcissism who sits in the White House?

Yes , it is a fact troops did burn down the White House in 1814 when Britain was at war with the U.S. Trump complained about it when speaking with our right honourable this week. Of course it wasn’t Canadian troops.  Canada wasn’t founded until 50 years later. Not sure Trump is well versed in the finer points of history. This guy can say anything and a third of Americans believe him Truth doesn’t matter in this White House.   And its dangerous.

A lie makes its way half way around the world before truth gets its pants on. Churchill said that.   And he was right.

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