Coderre’s Last Race?

E is for Excess.   And we found out this week just how excessive the imperial court of Denis Coderre could be. It was of course about the infamous E-race. Now anyone who took a close look at this knew from the get go, it was going to be a disaster.A new report from Montreal’s inspector-general finds that Coderre ignored all the rules, ignored city lawyers and ignored common sense. The E-race was a symptom of a much broader problem of arrogance.The initial missteps of the Plante administration had people talking about a return of Coderre next election.But somehow I think this report will confirm voters beliefs that the self serving conceit of the previous administration was not what they want for their city.E is indeed for excessE is also for Ex.   Which is exactly where Coderre finds himself.  For now and likely for the future.

Freedom is Just Another Word.

Francois Legault sees himself as the great emancipator .  He wants to free Anglos from decades of Liberal servitude by saying

“Free yourself .  Join the team for change.”

Free ourselves ?  To vote for a team that wants to pick away at federal powers including language until there is nothing left.  Just the bones of a national government operating in Quebec . Legault says its a low risk investment for Anglos because he’s not a separatist any longer.   As if that is the only reason we should opt for his message of change.He reminds me of that great line from Yvon Deschamps who said all Quebec wants is  “ an independent Quebec in a strong and united Canada”.We don’t need an emancipator .   We need to be listened to and respected.

We Matter Too

The Gazette broke a good story this week that highlights what our real concerns are and how the system can fail us. The only public English language rehab centre is refusing patients because there is no doctor on call.   The Foster Centre is functioning at under capacity.   The only doctor working there is  part time and is leaving in a couple of months and no replacement has been found.  Severe cases are being turned away.  The local francophone rehab centre is fully staffed.   For Quebec Anglos, this is a bottom line issue.  Union Rep Francis Collin had this to say

“The anglo community deserves to have the same services as the francophone community 

All too often in Quebec it seems to be “deux pods, deux mesures.”  Where is the equality?  Can Mr Legault fix that?

Trading Punches

Chalk up another lie for the demagogue who has no relationship with the truth or common decency

Trump has gone back on his promise to extend a grace period to Canada and others from his improvised tariffs on steel and aluminum. Likely on advice from Fox and Friends .

We now have a full on trade war with our biggest trading partner and one we used to have a special relationship with.  With friends like this, who needs enemies?  Trump says it all about U.S. National Security which is a total lie.  The PM cannot understand the logic

“We have to believe that at some point common sense will prevail but we see no sign of that in this action today”

We cannot win a trade war with our biggest  partner.  But we cannot sit by either.  We are dealing with a bully.  And the only reason he is doing this is to extract more concessions with NAFTA

Truth and Lies

At latest count Trump has made more than 3 thousand false or misleading claims since assuming office.   That’s an average of nearly 6.5 claims a day according to the Washington Post . In the White House, truth no longer mattersPosted on twitter  this week, this reminder and this warning.

“A lie told once remains a lie but a lie told a thousand times becomes the truth.”

-Joseph Goebbels

And if you don’t know who he was.  You  really need to look it up.