It was Napoleon who said that “in politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”

The Road to October

I am still getting indigestion from the CAQ’s odious idea to expel newcomers who aren’t up to snuff on everything Quebecois after being here for a few years. It’s a long way to election day but the trends are favouring the CAQ. The election website Qc 125, gives the Legaultists a razor thin majority.

The CAQ would take 63 seats.  The Liberals 43.  The PQ 15 and the Solidaires 4.  Now its still early in the game.  Philippe Fournier of Qc125 says “In the last decade in Canada every election provincial and federal did not end the way it started in poll numbers.  You could say the CAQ is peaking early”

But we could  theoretically have a government with no representation from the island of Montreal.  Think about it.  Its a little scary that the province would be run by “les regions” and “la capitale nationale”.  There has always been a suspicion about ‘la metropole” by the CAQ crowd.  Montreal has people who are different.   They aren’t all white and they don’t all parlez-vous all the time.

The latest Leger survey found something even more revealing.  It found that 69% of Quebecers want a change of government. And when change becomes the issue, its almost impossible to fight it. So let’s just take a closer look at what the CAQ is proposing.

Profitable Federalism

Yes they want to corner the market on identity politics.  But there is much more with, in their words, “a new agenda for Quebec nationalists”. The CAQ pledges to toughen Bill 101.   One of promises is to make all federally chartered companies subject to the language charter.  Wonder if Justin would give in on that one.?   And it wants Ottawa to butt out of cultural funding.  Just send the cheque to Quebec City. Merci

And its list of demands for new powers reminds of an open bar or buffet at an all inclusive.  More more and more. Everything from the power to appoint judges to the Supreme Court to demanding more tax revenue from Ottawa.The thing is, we have seen this show before.  Profitable federalism.The CAQ says they are not separatist.  Fair enough.  Although Philippe Couillard points out that Legault has no real attachment to Canada.  I cannot disagree.   Seems to me, though their appetite for squeezing more juice from the federal orange might be insatiable.

Poor but Happy?

Some good news and bad news this week from a new study on our city. It compared Montreal to 15 other North American cities.     The good news is that quality of life Montreal ranks high.But economically the city lags behind, in 14th place .  And Montreal is dead last when it comes to the number of people living below the poverty line.  And previous studies have found that those struggling economically are more likely to be Anglos and allophones.   The city has paid a price for years of language struggle, and political uncertainty.  The flight of private capital has been astounding.  Recovery has been slow and eventually something’s got to give.

On vous aime.

Finally, how to address the big Anglo brain drain ? Quebec and McGill are working together to figure out how to keep Anglos from leaving Quebec after university graduation.  2 out of 3 grads leave.   We all know why.  For many,t he perception for many is that their French will never be quite good enough or their last name isn’t quite right. Isn’t it great that as a community, we are getting so much love. ? Wonder why?  Somethings up.  But will they still love us in the morning?

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