Meet the New Boss, Same as the old Boss?

Sometimes I really do think I’ve seen this movie before.  Remember “GroundHog Day”

That’s how I am beginning to feel about our new “élus” at City Hall.

Unilateral decisions without consultation.   My way or the highway.   Its pretty much what sank Denis Coderre.

And I am not sure that the Projet Montreal folks have learned anything.

Ideology it seems is a good enough raison d’être.

The new plan for Sainte-Catherine street may look good on paper but some say its a recipe for disaster.  The hallmarks of largely pedestrian downtown areas can be failed businesses , and trouble zones.    Dix 30 and Carrefour Laval may start looking even more attractive

There is merit in the idea but can we please have more of a conversation about it.  This city belongs to all of us.

Same thing with  the full speed ahead plan to cut off traffic over Mount Royal.  The so called consultation will come after the horse has left the barn.

Respect svp

I wonder if Luc Ferrandez even considered the people who need  to get to the cemeteries. This week, a second cemetery came out against the plan.    The director of Mount Royal cemetery notes that it will only be accessible from the east and a while a majority of visitors and mourners come from the west.   The plan will only lead to confusion and hardship for people when they need it the least.

But there again is ideology when this administration was elected on a promise to put people first.    Seems to me it’s people on bicycles first.

Health is What Matters

The Quebec government spends $ 26.5 billion dollars on health care and social services every year.  It’s a number large enough  to make your head spin

But sometimes I wonder if they get it at all.

If you spend hours upon hours at a hospital ER you know its no laughing matter.

But what is the solution.?

The situation in emergency rooms is not getting better.   And we continue to have some of the worst wait times in the western world.   Last year the health minister warned hospital administrators to improve but it seems little has changed.  The Gazette reported this week that more than 400 patients were on stretchers in hospital corridors for more than 24 hours.

Add to this warning from Quebec’s auditor general that cancer patients are waiting far too long for surgery.  More than 40% of cancer patients waited a month or more for operations.

This will be on voter’s minds come election day.  Maybe more than any other issue.

We have heard promises upon promises from every party for years on how they will make it work.  There are good people in the system doing their best.  But it’s a big ship and turning it around is proving almost impossible.   Do you really think The CAQ or the PQ have magic solutions.?

Then there is the question of access to health care for English speaking Quebecers.   The Liberals are at least promising access plans developed and approved by the community.   I am not sure the other parties give us much serious thought.  But there is lots to think about as we approach October 1st.

They had one job

Did you get the much talked about emergency alert on your phone this week?

Of course you didn’t.   What a screwup.   Had to do with spelling apparently or bad syntax. You would think  for this one big moment, they could get it right.

Good thing there weren’t  any incoming.  Radar O’Reilly has retired.


A Story State

Sometimes our Prime Minister seems like the Apology King.

Looking in from the outside, it might seem that the all too Canadian “I’m sorry” is used far too often.

But to the groups and individuals concerned, these words matter.  They are important.    And we should always remember that.

This week the PM announced Canada would apologize for turning away a ship of Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi terror.

It was truly a deep stain on our history.

Canada, at the time,  shamefully , had a policy towards Jews that “none was too many.”

In 1939, the MS St Louis carrying 907 German Jews was turned away by Canada under Prime Minister Mackenzie King.   The ship had previously been turned away by Cuba and the U.S.

The St Louis returned to Germany and more than 250 of those passengers were slaughtered in the Holocaust.

So, yes an apology is long overdue.  It won’t change what happened,

But it will serve as a reminder that we can never give into that kind of darkness again.  Ever.