The greatest enemy to truth are not lies but myths. And so writes respected journalist Michel C Auger in his new book: The 25 myths of Quebec politics that must be debunked.
And right up there is language. He argues that French has never been stronger in Quebec. He points out that 94.5% of Quebecers are able to have a conversation in French.
Now the language hawks are always pressing for tougher restrictions on the use of English and fewer immigrants because they cry the wolf is always at the door.
Auger says its simply not true.
One Quebecor columnist points out that even if 94.5% of Quebecers can talk about the weather in French in means that 400 thousand cannot. These people are so very tiring. The rabid language hounds won’t give up until English is wiped off the face of our city and province. I have news for them. We won’t give up either.
But someone in the francophone political-media class finally had the balls to say what we all know.


A low point in this exhausting debate was the Bonjour-Hi fiasco which became an issue of “importance nationale” making its way to a PQ motion in the National Assembly. Even our friends, the anglophone MNA’s voted to ask merchants to drop the word “Hi”.
Auger says it was just a minor kerfuffle. meaning nothing. He made the comments on the Radio Canada program, Tout Le Monde en Parle:

“Bonjour hi, écoute la .voici quelque chose limité au centre-ville de Montreal , un quartier ou il y a beaucoup d’anglophones qui disent je peux vous servir en français ou en anglais. Simple phrase d’accueil “

(Bonjour-Hi, listen. Here is something limited to downtown Montreal, a neighbourhood where there are a lot of Anglophones who say “I can serve you in French or English .  It’s a simple greeting”.)

Auger is right.
And I think when parties such as the PQ and the CAQ demand more restrictions, it’s all about fear and politics
Full of sound and fury. Signifying nothing.


There are new warnings that more people than ever will be welcomed to Canada this year though the woods on a trail.

Last summer about 250 asylum seekers per day entered at Roxham Road and the projections are that this coming summer the number will increase to 400 a day.
Resources are being stretched to the limit says Premier Couillard wants Ottawa to help.  This week he said,

“The system is just going to burst . Thats real life and reality”.

You see the trouble began when the Right Honourable tweeted out his “Welcome to Canada” invitation in January of last year.
Canada became the equivalent of an open bar with valet parking.
Most of the asylum seekers are not fleeing persecution and many of them are not being allowed to stay. But why has this become our problem? Where is the U.S. in all of this? Have they no responsibility ? I understand that we must show compassion for those who truly need our help and fear for their lives. Last year, it was mostly Haitians living in America who left after their island’s earthquake. Many of new asylum seekers are from Nigeria and Asia. But we are facing a summer where we simply will not be able to handle it. The federal Liberals say they are promising to chip in to help ease the burden. But a much bigger question remains and no one seems to have the answer.


Luc Ferrandez on St-Denis St. in Rosemont. (PHIL CARPENTER – Montreal Gazette)

This is rich. A long time advocate for bicycle safety in Montreal has received a ticket for dangerous driving on his Bixi.
Plateau Borough Mayor Luc Fernandez got  pulled over by police for going the wrong way down St Laurent this week.
And by some accounts he just about wiped out a pedestrian at the St Jacques Street crosswalk.
She told the Journal de Montreal that she thought it must have been a lost tourist. She yelled that he was going the wrong way. He ignored her and continued on.
Those who blame cars for all the problems on the streets do live in glass houses. I think just about everyone in this city knows the Main is one way. Nor can rules be one way either.
Sometimes the rules do apply to everyone,  even the bicycle king of the Plateau. Justice served.