We’ve seen this movie before. Has something happened to give it a different ending?
Now for sure, for real, trust us, the extension of Montreal’s Blue Metro line is really going ahead.
Promise stamped it.
The premier says,
“The project is guaranteed we have passed the point of no return”

That’s what our politicians want you to believe. And of course it has nothing to do with election timing. Right.
I have covered more announcements about metro extensions and other public works projects than I care to remember.
The Blue Line extension has been promised for 40 years. Hell the government had 110 separate reports on this. Back in 2013 before the last election the PQ had it all costed out at 2 billion. Now the price tag is double that. And they haven’t quite figured out who will pay for it all
The Laval metro extension was good for 2 or 3 election campaigns before it finally happened over budget.
The Cavendish extension has been announced and debated for half a century.
I am happy that there will be 5 new stations east of St Michel. They are needed
So would new ones west of Snowdon. Stations named NDG, Cavendish and Loyola were planned But hell will freeze over before the west end gets a fair shake. And you know why.


It was a good week for the Quebec Liberals with them showing some sign of life versus the CAQ.
The CAQ still leads with 34% but they are down 3
The Liberals are up 3 at 29 %
The Pequistes down 1 at 21%
And the Solidaires are steady at 9%
The CAQ may have peaked a little soon. But there are still miles to go before we sleep.


Francois Legault and the CAQ candidate in Nelligan Karen Cliffe

What didn’t help Legault was his candidate in West Island Nelligan riding.
Karen Cliffe , who failed to win a seat on Kirkland council , is a pretty big Trump supporter and seems to share his obsession with fake news and a fanatical desire to to fire CNN anchor Don Lemon.
The last thing Legault needs to be seen as Trump Light


Then , new star candidate for Quebec Solidaire had some explaining to do. Former La Presse columnist Vincent Marrissal was interviewed by Mike Finnerty of CBC.
He was asked about reports of him approaching the federal Liberals to run in Outremont . He even wanted to work in Justin Trudeau’s office but settled instead for the ultra left separatist Solidaires.

Mike Finnerty: “What are your principals Vincent ? “
Vincent Marissal : “I made the approach looking for new options for me.”
Mike Finnerty: “You wanted a job? Sovereignty for you if you want a job you are for it and if you want a job somewhere else you are against it.”
Vincent Marissal :”The fact is I didn’t go for it.”

And folks this is just beginning. We will have months of nonsense ahead of us leading up to October 1st.


To our south, it seems clear that the idiot in chief is now in more trouble than ever.
His own personal lawyer was visited by the FBI and searches were carried out. There has been to a reason Trump goes through so many lawyers.The dirt and corruption is knee deep.

Robert Reich, a leading mind and former Clinton cabinet member  says Trump has become more dangerous than ever. Trump, he writes in Newsweek seems intent on maintaining power whatever it takes. He says beyond the petulance, the vindictiveness , the xenophobia, the attacks on a free press, Trump is willing to sacrifice American democracy to his own ends. And that is sobering.
My feeling is that we are witnessing living history Watergate 2.0 and lets hope the ending is the same.


Finally, attitude is important. But it doesn’t put the best players on the ice nor put pucks in the net.
The Habs, with straight faces, say what was missing this season was a good attitude. GM Marc Bergevin said

“I think our attitude change a lot of things of course players make things better but if you have good players without the right attitude I could bring anyone here but if the attitude is not better we’re going to be in the same spot “

Oh yes, we are promised better food at the Bell Centre next season. It can’t get much worse. Maybe do something about the $12.75 beer at the same time.
Maybe that will help with attitude . The Greeks say a fish rots from the head down.
In Habland, something stinks, and it’s not just attitude

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