It wasn’t too many years ago that Canadians got sick and tired of the arrogance of the federal Liberals.  And now it seems maybe its just part of their DNA and it’s bubbling back to the surface.

Witness what happened on CTV Question Period when Evan Solomon held Environment minister Catherine McKenna to account over climate change policy.  She said “I have no time for folks who are like, you know, ‘We shouldn’t take action,'” I don’t have time for politicians that play cynical games about climate action.”   But Madame Minister you have the duty to hear out everyone even the ones you do not agree with.  It is obvious to me that man-made climate change is a clear and present danger but that’s not the point.   In many ways the Liberals sunny ways of doing business sometimes is meant to include only those of a like mind.And my guess is that Canadians are on to it.


The latest poll numbers point to a Tory minority. According to the CBC’s pollster, at this point. The Conservatives can win from 129 to 188 seats. The Liberals 108 to 181. The NDP 11 to 56 seats.The Bloc 0 to 8 and the Greens 1 to 2

And  on top of everything, the Prime Minister’s Bollywood romance didn’t do him any favours.  In fact most Canadians were embarrassed. It’s still early though.   We have had only a couple of one term majority governments in our history.   The honeymoon is over and now it’s time to listen.


It will be quite a fight for sovereignty this October in the Montreal riding of Rosemont.  Thing is the separatists will be fighting each other.  Just warms my heart. Long time La Presse columnist Vincent Marissal announced this week he will be running for the left wing Quebec Solidaire.   The seat is occupied by PQ leader Jean-Francois Lisee and if I were him I would be worried.  The PQ only won the seat last time by 1600 votes.   Things for the Pequistes are just going from bad to worse.  At this point they are headed for their worst electoral defeat ever making the last election their second worst electoral defeat ever.


Its a job that is sure to baffle the brightest minds.  As the parking ticket festival season begins,  the City of  Montreal wants to make parking signs more understandable.  Sometimes it’s like trying to read the Dead Seas Scrolls; the  Gordian knots of parking. Of course nothing is guaranteed.  And sometimes when the bureaucrats get involved.  It just gets worse.

Spell check, anyone?


This falls into the category of you only had one job to do.  Look at this advertising  from the NDP caucus in Saskatchewan .  They spelled the name of the province wrong.  As one government minister pointed out “they want to run the province but they can’t spell it”.



Gluten free?


And now over to their cousins in Manitoba.   The NDP wishing the Jewish community a good Passover with a lovely loaf of challah.   Nice except Passover doesn’t include a lot of bread.  In fact none.  Ever. That’s  why we have matzo.   Nice job.







Trumper and Thumper


But the photo of the week had to be of Trump and a giant Easter bunny. I am not sure what to say. There are plenty of jokes here.   Maybe you can complete it.   A buffoon and a bunny walk onto a balcony and… All I can say is I’m not sure which one is more of a “hare brain”.  Have fun !  And please everyone, altogether now let’s pray for spring .

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