The thing about budgets and so called “goodies” they hand out, is that too often what is forgotten is that this is our money to begin with. Yes, the Liberals are going all in with this pre-election ploy. But they are trying to bribe us with our own cash.  Governments cut and tax and then when elections roll around they open the vaults. Betting the house that what they call their sound fiscal management will carry them to victory is naive.  The thing is it won’t matter a tinkers cuss when we vote in October.  Memories are short.  And the Liberals have a whole lot more to worry about when the autumn leaves start to fall.


Every government has promised to fix health care.  Sometimes the prescriptions have been brutal.  Reform after reform, closing hospitals  and you know something, it  hasn’t worked because we still wait for eternities in emergency rooms, not enough of us can  find family doctors, nurses are burning out and it goes on and on.  We have good people working in a system that always seems to be on life support.   We pay enough for it.

And that is something neither this budget nor the next one or the one after that will address.  To live in Quebec means to pay and pay.


Not only are our taxes the highest in Canada, according to a recent study, they are the 3rd highest in the western world. The report found that as a percentage of GDP Quebecers pay 38.5 percent in taxes.   In the rest of Canada its 30.4 percent and in the U.S. it’s just 26 percent.

And with all that spending we still can’t get it right.

One thing we may remember is the government somehow thinks that  making us pay more for Netflix is somehow is supposed to be a good thing.  If it moves, tax it.

Quebec sait faire.


Now in a move to soothe the Anglos.   The government is dishing out almost 25 million dollars over 6 years to help our institutions and to attempt stop the kids from leaving and find jobs   Let’s start by looking at the quality of the individual and not their last name. CAQ Francois Legault says its marketing more than anything else. He is probably only half right. Because for the first time, we are at least becoming part of the conversation.  And sometimes you just take your victories where you can find them


The highlight of the week was the 60 Minutes interview with Stormy Daniels.    And her mentioning that all it took was a spanking to get Trump in line.  Maybe she is on to something.  Is a good spanking the key to controlling him?

Yes.  So he turned around and pulled his pants down a little—you know had underwear on and stuff and I just gave him a couple of swats.  This was done in a joking manner?  Yes.  And from that moment on, he was a completely different person.

Of course, Stormy is probably just a tempest in a tea pot.  The Idiot-in-Chief has a lot more to be worried about.  From Russian without Love, campaign financing, the family business running the White House, his tax returns and the fact that Pinocchio has nothing on him.


And just when you think politics can’t fall much further.   Not much surprises me anymore but when former Republican senator Rick Santorum said that kids should learn CPR rather than march for gun safety, I couldn’t believe it.  And the students of Parkland wont have any of it.  Student David Hogg replied

“At the end of the day, if you take a bullet from an AR-15 to the head, no amount of CPR is going to save you, because you’re dead”

They have wisdom beyond their years. They say it’s the beginning of a revolution. Let’s hope so.  I wouldn’t bet against them.

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