Here we go again I am afraid. As we edge closer to the October 1st election, the baying of the ethnic nationalists in Quebec will only grow louder. Identity politics is ugly.  We’ve been down this road before with the PQ’s Charter of Values. It smacks of nativism.

The CAQ Strategy

Which brings us to the CAQ which wants to exploit this wedge issue to their electoral advantage. It is important because the CAQ right now at least is poised to win the election.   But a lot can happen between now and then. So I wouldn’t bet the farm on it. This week CAQ immigration critic Nathalie Roy felt compelled to write an opinion piece in the Gazette.   It almost sounded like, yeah but some of my best friends are. You know what I mean.

In her words” To immigrate to Quebec is to want to integrate into our community, our values, our culture-and to learn our language.”

Put To The Test

The CAQ wants fewer immigrants and the ones who arrive here would be given a Quebec values test to determine if they could stay after a 3 year probationary period.   If they don’t pass after 2 attempts, then Salut la visit. Is that the kind of welcome mat we want to put out?   Is that the kind of society we want?  Sorry but a values test is an idiotic idea.   We have our values enshrined in the Canadian constitution, the Charters of Rights, the criminal code and so on.   These are the parameters by which we live . And we certainly don’t need to buy into mainstream Francophone Quebecois culture to feel this is our home.   There is richness in our  diversity.  The CAQ caucus is composed of white Francophones.   Although I admit the other parties don’t do much better.  And both the Liberals and the PQ have stoked the fires of us versus them.   Some less than others but All of them, guilty as charged.

Being Taken for a Ride

Jean Francois Lisee calls it “le grand deblocage”. The PQ says it would scrap Montreal’s future electric light rail project in favour of trams and more busses to vote rich areas of the north and south shores.Nothing really for the West Island.  Face it the Pequistes couldn’t elect a dog catcher west of the Main.  It’s a clear play for votes in the 450 area code.   And once again the Peqs show their anti -English colours.  

To her credit, Mayor Plante said Montreal remains committed to the REM plan.   I wouldn’t worry much about the PQ plan ever getting implemented.   My guess is that we will be “deblocing” ourselves of the PQ come next election.

The Time Has Come

I don’t think I could agree with Republican Senator Marco Rubio on what day of the week it is.   But I can agree with him on the time of day. Rubio has introduced a bill to make Daylight Saving Time year-round.  Florida, his home state, is already moving in that direction.   Now if America does it, Canada would obviously follow suit.I don’t know about you but I think the yearly spring forward is ridiculous, a left over from World War 1 as a measure to save energy.  There are a million reasons stay on one time all year round.   You know what messing with your sleep can do

Bring on the sunshine!

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