If you compare Montreal to many North America cities, one thing always stands out.

We have a fabulous downtown.   It is alive and vital.  And Sainte-Catherine street is our crown jewel.  But I wonder if the new administration at City Hall is putting political ideology  ahead of of what is truly in the best interests of all Montrealers.

The idea to turn Ste Catherine into a one lane street is the dumbest idea I have heard since the one to close the road over the mountain.  But more on that later.

Is Projet Montreal attempting to destroy downtown. ?

Look already it looks like a disaster zone and will for the foreseeable future.

Not everyone in this city has a bicycle. And certainly not everyone likes to ride downtown

Not everyone can or wants to take public transit all of the time.

Try grabbing a train from the West Island to go downtown on a Saturday night

Yes , there are still some unbelievers who actually like to drive their cars in this city which has been suffering from the invasion of the cones for far too long.

People have plenty of options to spend their money.  Amazon is the biggest threat.  But so are suburban centres which offer free parking.   And this new mega project planned for Royalmount which put even more pressure on “centre-ville”.

Playing with our downtown is a dangerous game.  And what might even be more dangerous is limiting the ability of emergency vehicles to get where they are going.   Can you just imagine a firetruck or ambulance trying tp get to an emergency during a traffic jam on a one lane Sainte-Catherine  street?


And now to Dumb and Dumber

The bear went over the mountain.

And all the bear could see were concrete barriers and signs saying you can’t get there from here.

Projet Montreal must be tone deaf.   We need a real conversation before closing down the road over Mount Royal.    It cannot just be on the whim of the prince of the Plateau Luc Ferrandez.

The opposition party rightly wants consultation.  The mountain belongs to all of us.

Perhaps we should also talk about why cyclists use the road as a training track hitting speeds faster than cars on their titanium machines.  Better safety measures and lower speeds are the answers not decisions made unilaterally in the Plateau Politburo.


It sure does smell like what the French call la fin du regime in Quebec City.

One of the stalwarts announced this week he is leaving.  The veteran Jean-Marc Fournier was  glue helping  the premier hold things together.  The Justice Minister Stephanie Valllé is quitting for personal reasons.  And other big name Liberals will likely follow.

The latest poll has us heading to a CAQ government.

The CAQ leads with 32 percent, the Liberals follow at 28, the PQ stands steady at 20 and Quebec Solidaire wraps up the field with 11 percent.

A lot can happen between now and October 1st.

And we can expect spending and more spending.  And promises to keep.  And even some candy for the English speaking community.

If I were to give one word of advice to the Premier.  Two words actually.  Health Care.   It may sink the Liberals particularly with a minister who doesn’t always seem to listen. Gaetan Barrette has become the lightning rod for voters.   Because it is one issue that affects each and everyone one of us and everyone we know.  The perception rightly or wrongly is the patient is very sick.


Finally,  you knew this would get tongues wagging in Quebec.   Along with the usual cries of indignation. And “il ne comprend pas

French president Emmanuel Macron this week uttered a heresy.  He said “you can protect French by speaking English.”  He says it shows French is not a closed language but one engaged in multiculturalism.”  Its reassuring that the head office of the language can think this way.  Can we get the message to the colonies ?  You don’t need to put one language down to boost another.

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