It was like feeding time at the zoo.

If you haven’t been following our latest language tussles , then you are probably with the vast majority of Quebecers.   But it is worth pointing out that the language wolf is always at the door.

On French TV, we were called crybabies and pampered and spoiled.  We are told we should happy because we have so much, like hospitals and universities – ones we built i might add.

It was all after the Journal de Montreal served up a poll on the state of happiness of English speaking Quebecers.   I think it was a set up piece knowing Quebecor’s reputation for igniting fires and stretching the truth.

But it gave a chance for a bevy of ethnocentric nationalist commentators to chime in about the entitled Anglos.

This all followed the Adidas store incident which became a crisis of national importance with  even the premier commenting and then there was the Bonjour-Hi fiasco.

And this week Radio Canada weighed in with a story on the disturbing trend toward stores in Montreal bearing English names.

It has become an article of faith that English speaking Quebecers are out to take every inch of space they can.   It’s simply not true . Only when the guardians of the faith realize that we indeed are not the enemy will any progress be made.

In the meantime, more of our young people will leave because sadly or many its just a case of “who needs this’?

Bloc Meltdown

The Bloc Quebecois has realized its dream of separation.   But it is only separating from itself.

The Bloc was supposed to be a one hit wonder. But the Bloquistes got used to all the perks and pensions federalism could offer, so they stuck around and became mischievous and increasingly irrelevant.  Now its imploding because of the feckless leadership of Martine Ouellet.  70 percent of the caucus had enough.  Ouellet remains a member of the National Assembly double dipping with her Bloc salary. Profitable federalism indeed ! The turmoil in the Bloc couldn’t have happened to a more deserving bunch. Bon débarass !

Indian Disaster

The Right Honourable is back safe and sound in the true north after what was arguably the worst foreign trip of any prime minister in memory.  From snubs to scandal in the worlds fastest growing economy.

It was a joke.  An adventure in Bollywood

He was for the most part ignored by Indian officials until he invited a convicted would be assassin to official  receptions

The Times of India  said the trip was a disaster despite the over the top gaudy clothes his family wore, Trudeau just didn’t understand the depth of feeling in India with its own separation issue.

The best thing Trudeau has going for him right now is that he is not Trump because often despite the sunny ways, and glowing optimism he and the people around him sometimes  seems to be punching above their weight

Confusing Tourists

I had to laugh this week.

MTLBlog reports that some tourists are confused about the Leonard Cohen mural on Crescent street.   Some think we are paying tribute to Chef and writer Anthony Bourdain.

For years many visitors couldn’t figure out why we put a picture of comedian Marty Feldman on our ten dollar bills. Go figure !

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