Now, where were we before we were so “rudely” interrupted? We have a lot to talk about. With a Quebec election inching closer by the day, the Liberals are getting a little antsy. The CAQ is leading in the polls, despite a Quebec economy that is on fire.

Quebec Liberals in a Tough Fight

Premier Couillard will face an uphill battle.  Like everyone else he knows that its almost impossible to fight a desire for change. With a new poll showing the profound grievances shared by many English speaking Quebecers, more needs to be done.

When half of the young people surveyed want to leave, this is a crisis.

The Liberals have been trying to make nice to the English speaking community.  And minister Kathleen Weil is promising she will table an action plan before the summer to address a substantial list of grievances .  As it has been so well put “we feel like a square peg in a round hole”.

My question is what took so long?   Why is this only being done months before an election?  Weren’t our concerns important enough in the first year of the mandate?  or the second or the 3rd.?  Sometimes i think despite the best intentions, we are being played for fools.  Fools who sadly enough are short on realistic options

Premier Legault?

The man who would be king has a lot of momentum right now.

Sometimes when thinking of François Legault and the CAQ , I am reminded of the description Churchill gave to Clement Attlee , the leader of the Labour Party.  Attlee voiced Churchill was a “sheep in sheep’s clothing”.

Yes Legault speaks softly about Quebec’s English speaking community, but he carries a rather large stick. His language policies are more hardline than the Liberals.  Think of “PQ light”. Recently, the CAQ showed its true sheep colours once again with its attack on the school boards.   Yes, we all know, they can be bloated relics of another time.  But, they are one of the few institutions in Quebec that are actually controlled by Anglos.  We are not going to give up that constitutional protection granted to us in the BNA Act of 1867.   They are OUR boards. For better and for worse.

Wither the PQ?

Over at PQ central, there is an implosion underway.

Veteran MNA’s are scattering from the sinking ship captained by Jean-François Lisée. With a Quebec election inching closer by the day, the fate of the Official Opposition seems doomed. Lisée’s leadership has been weak and sometimes chaoticThe once governing party which came close to giving Canada a nervous breakdown is now clearly on the road to irrelevance.

And while Lisée whistles past the graveyard, Pierre -Karl Péladeau is musing about a return to politics.   His ego demands the spotlight . Like Trump he lives in a bubble of unreality surrounded by fawning sycophants .

So lots of stuff to talk about for sure.

The Plante approach

Like whats happening with the new gang at City Hall who already have messed up taxes and snow and now face a mountain of controversy.  it hasn’t been a promising start

Oh Justin !

Our prime minster and his mission to help people kind.  And why his pot plan is headed for trouble. And how his trip slash vacation to India has been an embarrassment for all Canadians

And we cant forget the idiot in chief running America.  You have to wonder where the bottom is.

Living as an anglophone in Quebec presents challenges .   It’s not always easy.  We tend to try to limit our losses rather than count our gains which are few and far between.  

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